“As thy days, so shall thy strength be”.

Over her four days at Green School, like this quote from The Bible passed on by her grandmother, Dr Jane had many words of wisdom, sayings and anecdotes that summed up her raison d’etre.

Wherever she went people followed, hanging on her every word, and after every speech there was a standing ovation.


She had a quiet self-assured aura, one would assume, akin to the likes of other great leaders of our time. She had strong opinions but her cause belied her humility.

In a world in which we often feel powerless to the overwhelming forces of destruction and corruption, she offers a positive, reassuring voice. In the world of conservation, specifically, she is one of the greatest motivational activists of our time.

Like, Mandela or Gandhi or Mother Teresa before her, she has put her life on the line for the future of our planet and has sacrificed much. Despite this, she offers hope.

In other words, in these times, that sometimes, feel so bleak, we need her words. We are searching for them.

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