Green School exists to educate children, but not exclusively. Most adults that walk our campus wish they could enter a time machine that will take them back to their early years, so they can join their children in this natural wonderland that is Green School. Families move to the school for their kids, but many also come with a desire to embark on their own educational journeys to learn to live more connected and more consciously.

This is exactly what parents do here, from volunteering in the parents association to yoga classes, meditation, to health and raw food cooking workshops, Indonesian language lessons, Gamelan (music) practice, gardening and on and on. If you meet a Green School parent during the school year, you’ll often hear them say how busy & fulfilling life is on our bustling campus. We are a community of learners, and an engaged parent is as important to us as an engaged student.

Green School Parents Bamboo U Kul Kul Farm

Our neighbours at The Kul Kul Farm offer Green School parents another opportunity to learn an advanced version of what their children learn at Green School each day. The farm’s Permaculture Design Course enables parents to fully immerse in our landscape. Permaculture is a broad term, but at its core is a conscious way of designing our lives in a way that seeks to mimic the patterns found in nature.

The Kul Kul Farm has welcomed over 200 Green School parents who’ve participated in various open days, gardening workshops, bamboo building, permaculture and herbal medicine courses. Next month, the farm is offering a Permaculture Design Course facilitated by John Champagne with farm Co-Founders Orin Hardy and Maria Farrugia, and will include a list of special guest instructors. It is their last permaculture workshop until 2018. The two-week program is filled with in-depth knowledge and experiences; from better understanding permaculture design and sustainable farming, to discovering the secrets of traditional Balinese cooking, listening to local story tellers, doing yoga, and sharing skills for a more sustainable future.

Bamboo U Green School Parents 2

If you have been in Bali for a while, or you are just settling in, join the course this July 28th to August 12th to get your hands dirty and get a jump start into what it means to live “Green”.

Bamboo U Permaculture Course Green School Parents

Learn how to design a home that’s beautiful, functional and earth-friendly. You’ll run through the nitty gritty of growing, preparing and preserving organic food, dealing with “waste”, managing your water and energy whilst experiencing community living amongst like minded, passionate people.

Learning is such a rich and important part of our lives but the older we get, the more often we forget to learn new things. At Green School the learning continues for children, teachers and parents alike. Come and learn with us

Article written by: KulKul Farm