It is with great excitement that I can finally announce the appointment of Mari Raidal as our new Volunteer Roots & Shoots-Indonesia Coordinator. We welcome Mari to the global R&S family and thank her for taking on this voluntary commitment.

Our in-country partner, Green School has been instrumental in enabling this appointment through hosting Mari on a Volunteer Visa and providing her with full support and a base. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to Chris Thompson and the Green School team for their ongoing support and look forward to progressing our relationship. One exciting development through Green School is an emerging connection with the UN through their 1 million Green Ambassadors program. There is strong alignment between the two programs which will create wonderful opportunity for R&S.

In her role, Mari will connect with our existing R&S groups in Indonesia, many of whom are participating in the WIJABA (World Is Just A Book Away) R&S project pledged as an 80th birthday gift to Dr Jane by James Owens (the Founder). The WIJABA team has developed a country specific 11 week curriculum (in Indonesian) for Grade 4 level students. The project is currently in its pilot phase and will be implemented across 80+ orphanages and schools in the country. This potentially creates a wonderful template for further outreach to local schools. An outcome of the program is students (hopefully) signing up as a R&S Group.

Mari will establish country based communications, resources and processes, liaise with interested parties, build R&S in the GS community and begin local outreach.

Please welcome Mari to our global family and keep her in the loop on matters that you feel might be relevant.

I know some of you already have contacts and interest in Indonesia – so let’s connect them with Mari and grow the R&S movement in Indonesia.

I will also directly connect Mari to some of you re-specific support and requests.


Here is a word from Mari to introduce herself:

After spending 11 years living in London, working in interior design business as a designer, I decided to move to Bali early 2014 to change my lifestyle and focus on my lifelong dream of living closely with nature and working with likeminded people towards creating a sustainable future for life on this planet for humans, animals and our life giving nature itself. I have always been a great admirer of Dr. Jane Goodall and after a chance meeting of the founder of Green School, John Hardy, I magically got involved with organising the Conservation Conference at the Green School in 2014 where I met Dr. Goodall and many other inspiring people doing great work towards this cause. That led me to focus even more on making this dream come true.

Welcome Mari and all the best in your role growing R&S in Indonesia. A new chapter begins in the global life of R&S!

Dr Alicia Kennedy
Roots & Shoots Australia

Akhirnya secara resmi Mari Raidal ditunjuk sebagai koordinator relawan Roots&Shoots Indonesia. Kami ucapkan terimakasih atas komitmen ini. R&S Indonesia bermarkas di Green School. Kami ingin berterima kasih kepada Chris Thompson dan seluruh tim Green School atas kerjasama ini.

Dalam perannya, Mari akan terhubung dengan komunitas R&S Indonesia, banyak dari mereka yang berpartisipasi dalam WIJABA. Tim WIJABA telah mengembangkan kurikulum 11 minggu untuk siswa kelas empat. Proyek ini sedang dalam tahap uji coba dan akan dilaksanakan di 80 panti asuhan dan sekolah-sekolah. Mari akan membangun komunikasi dan bekerja sama dengan pihak yang berkepentingan,serta membangun komunitas R&S di Green School.

Berikut adalah pidato dari Mari:

Setelah menghabiskan 11 tahun tinggal di London, bekerja dalam bisnis desain interior sebagai desainer, saya memutuskan untuk pindah ke Bali awal 2014 untuk mengubah gaya hidup saya dan fokus pada impian saya hidup berdampingan dengan alam. Suatu ketika dalam konferensi konservasi di Green School, saya akhirnya bertemu Dr Jane Goodall dan pendiri Green School, John Hardy. Saya terinspirasi oleh mereka dan ingin melakukan perubahan untuk menjaga alam ini.

Selamat datang Mari dan selamat mengemban tugas baru! R&S akan memulai babak baru di Indonesia.

Dr Alicia Kennedy