Opportunities for learning are everywhere and can happen at anytime. They cross the boundaries well beyond a school day and a school program. Play, sport, art, recreational activities and hobbies, right through to routine, everyday moments, offer many and varied learning opportunities.

Vacation times also provide prime learning possibilities. They provide a break from the routine and open new doors to learn and grow. These opportunities allow children to gain different perspectives, connect with different people, and to understand the world we live in and the people that live in it.

Camps and school holiday programs can offer children a rich and meaningful experience, allowing the learning to continue, in exciting and fun ways. Green Camp Bali, is located alongside Green School and shares a commitment to the holistic development of children. Have a look at what the students at SuperCamp at Green Camp Bali, were up to in their latest program.


One of the most important social skills for our children to develop is to understand how to build trust. Students learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively and positively, while gaining tools to improve current relationships with the people around them.


Our students learn the importance of taking a step out of their comfort zone and into their learning zone! It might be difficult and uncomfortable, but that’s where the growth happens!


The most effective learners are the ones that know how to learn. Experienced SuperCamp facilitators show students new ways to use all of their senses to obtain and retain information, improve memory skills and have a lot of fun at the same time.
SuperCamp Bali is hosted by Green Camp Bali in the unique and beautiful wall-less, natural learning environment of our neighbours, Green School Bali. As Summer is fast-approaching, SuperCamp has an international team of staff and leaders, gearing up to welcome campers in June, next month, for summer days of discovery and motivation. Click here to find out more about their program.