I have been a self sabotaging dieter for 25 years. It’s amazing to get to the point where I let a diet work. I have been on this journey for a few months and it’s really rewarding to go to the closet and not have to sort through the clothes that don’t fit.

I found in the storage clothes that have been put away for years and years and you can imagine my happiness at being able to wear those wonderful things that I bought so many years ago. So I guess I’m starting a retro period.
How do I feel? I feel good everyday. As I used to feel bad everyday that I feel that dealing with the giant amount of extra weight I was carrying. Through the worst news there’s a buoy, it’s like a fishing thing that bobs to the surface but I’m succeeding. I’ve been on this journey for many years and it was so unsuccessful that it’s really amazing to be on a journey that works.

I’ve had 3 chocolate bars in the last few months, and seem to be enjoying them less and less.I haven’t had a cup of coffee. It’s something that I look curiously at the coffee machine wondering how I used to make it through the day without 4-5 hits of caffeine.

A person who’s responsible for this, an unassuming man, his name is John Ratcliffe. He wrote a diet book 10 years ago that sold 500,000 copies. He turned up in my life. Low Carbs Made Easy


GS student, Mytrha – Suki’s high school photography workshop