Water Creates Energy and Plants and Fish!

Not only is Green School soon to be using water to start selling energy back to the grid through its Mini-Hydro Vortex, donated by Akuo Energy and Zotloterer back in 2009, but our new Aquaponics System, brought to us by Green School Parent and Board Member, Peter Barge, will start producing food for our kitchen with next to no energy, or space, needed at all!

Acquaponics: Mimicking Mutually Beneficial Natural Systems



Peter Barge gives a workshop to parents on Acquaponics


Our Local Scholar’s Programme is what makes this school special. We currently educate
34 Indonesian students throughout the school and we want to educate more. Finding ways of funding their education is constant. To have our Indonesian staff at Green School contribute to the fund says so much.

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Thank you!
Love John