Through the eyes of Green School’s Alumni

Green School’s Head of Upper School, Glenn Chickering, one of Green School’s longest-serving members of the faculty community, launched the Authentic Learning Podcast this year. The podcast focuses on all things education featuring progressive educators from Green School and from around the world. Educators who are pushing the envelope of education in our rapidly evolving world.

In the latest episode, Chickering speaks to Clover Hogan, a Green School graduate from 2016 who shares her unique educational journey and experience transitioning from a traditional educational system to a progressive system and back again.

Listen now, to learn how Clover transitioned through various educational systems and how her educational pathway and an opportune visit to COP22 in Paris with her Green School classmates, brought her back to Green School and on to an internship in Silicon Valley. Listen on to hear the benefits and some of the pitfalls of transitioning into a progressive education system.

“We need to stop treating students like a set of averages, and realize that naturally being human, that they are highly individual, highly complex creatures and we need to recognize that and build the [educational] system around that.”

Clover Hogan,
Green School Graduate 2016

Clover Hogan's graduation in 2016.

Clover Hogan’s graduation in 2016.

Clover is described by her teachers as the quintessential Green School student – engaged, curious, with a passion for learning and community involvement. She is currently working in Marketing Communications at a social enterprise in Silicon Valley.

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