By Helen Brecht

IT is not only students that come to learn here at the Green School. A number of Green School parents were recently privy to a talk by Laura-Doe Harris on how to talk to children about sex.

Her informative, tips-based approach covered more than the basic how, why and when to talk with children about sexuality, but also went into detail on how handle issues such as sexism in the media and internet porn.


Laura Doe has decades of experience as a sex-educator and throughout the presentation she reiterated that parents truly are one of the biggest influences on how children perceive sexuality and how this then influences their later sexual experiences.

In this light, it was made clear that having honest yet age appropriate conversations from an early age onwards is a protective measure and not a sexualizing act. As Laura puts it: “it is silence that is truly dangerous”.

Parents left motivated and encouraged, full of know-how on how to better continue (or perhaps begin) their own conversations with their children regarding sex and sexuality.

*     *     *

Below is an extract from Laura’s presentation: