Green School Bali Admissions

Are you dreaming of enrolling your child in Green School Bali? Families come to our school from all over the world in search of a different kind of education for their children, and it’s important for us to find students who will be a good fit for our unique learning environment. Please fill out this quick inquiry form so that we can point you in the right direction for next steps in the application process. Read our FAQ’s below for more information about applying to our school.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when can we apply to Green School Bali?

Application Process & Timeline

Our online application is open year-round for students age 6 and above interested in joining our school community in August (Semester 1) or January (Semester 2) of each year. Students ages 3-5 may be admitted for entrance into our Early Years Programme on a rolling basis. Note that we do not admit new students for the final year of High School (Grade 12). For more information about the application process and timeline, please click here.

When does the Green School Bali academic year begin?

Academic Year & Calendar

Green School Bali begins in August of each year and ends in June. We admit students to begin in August (Semester 1) and January (Semester 2). For more information about our academic calendar, click here.

How much does Green School Bali cost?

School Tuition & Fees

We require a financial commitment of at least one school year (two semesters) for students age 6 and above. Single-semester admission is only possible in our Early Years Programme (3-5 year olds), when space is available. Early Years students may enter school throughout the calendar year, though payment for a full semester is required (tuition is not pro-rated). Please click here for more information on the costs of tuition and other fees.

What if my child is not fluent in English?

English Language Requirements

Students come to Green School Bali from all over the world with varying levels of English fluency. Students applying to our Early Years Programme (ages 3-5) may enter with limited or no English skills. Students applying to our Primary School Programme (ages 6-10) with limited English skills may benefit from our Green School English Programme before entering Green School. Students applying to our Middle School or High School Programmes (ages 11-16) need to have intermediate to advanced English skills in order to be admitted for enrollment.

Do we need visas to live in Bali?

Indonesian Visa Information

We recommend Ganesha Bali Consulting as a visa service. Please make direct contact with them at Alternatively, you may contact the Indonesian Embassy in your country.

How do we find out more about Green School Bali?

Green School Bali Programme Information

Green School Bali is a beautiful outdoor school with an experiential approach to learning. While most students are very happy here and most families love this experience, it may not be a good fit for every student or every family. We encourage you to visit our school for a tour, or attend an open day, if possible. Otherwise, there are many online resources to help you learn more, including details about our academic programmes on this website, as well as scheduled live chats with our admissions team. You can also ask us questions through this online form.