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Tuition Fee Schedule

Admissions Guidance and policy

Green School accepts applications for admissions throughout the school year and places students for start dates at the beginning of a semester in either August or January.

Occasionally, mid-semester placements are accommodated, but only if there is a commitment from the student to continue for the remainder of the semester and for the duration of the following semester. Should a mid-semester admission be accommodated, tuition is not pro-rated; tuition for the full semester is due.

We are currently accepting applications for the following classes with age guidelines listed below.

Early Childhood Age for Admission
Pre-K Geckos ( 5 Full days, 3 Full days or 5 Half days per Week ) 3 years old on Sept 1
Pre-K Starlings ( 5 Full days, 3 Full days or 5 Half days per Week ) 4 years old on Sept 1
Kindergarten (8:30 AM-3:15 PM) 5 years old on Sept 1
Primary Age for Admission
Grade 1 6 years old on Sept 1
Grade 2 7 years old on Sept 1
Grade 3 8 years old on Sept 1
Grade 4 9 years old on Sept 1
Grade 5 10 years old on Sept 1
Lower Secondary Age for Admission
Grade 6 11 years old on Sept 1
Grade 7 12 years old on Sept 1
Grade 8 13 years old on Sept 1
Upper Secondary Age for Admission
Grade 9 14 years old on Sept 1
Grade 10 15 years old on Sept 1
Grade 11 16 years old on Sept 1
Grade 12 16 years old on Sept 1

A comparative table showing the grade equivalents in different educational systems can be found below.

Age Green School / USA England Singapore Indonesia
3+ Nursery Nursery Nursery PAUD (Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini)
4+ Pre-K Reception Nursery TKA (Taman Kanak-kanak)
5+ Kindergarten Year 1 KG1 TKB
6+ Grade 1 Year 2 KG2 SD1
7+ Grade 2 Year 3 P1 SD2
8+ Grade 3 Year 4 P2 SD3
9+ Grade 4 Year 5 P3 SD4
10+ Grade 5 Year 6 P4 SD5
11+ Grade 6 Year 7 P5 SD6
12+ Grade 7 Year 8 P6 SMP1
13+ Grade 8 Year 9 S1 SMP2
14+ Grade 9 Year 10 S2 SMP3
15+ Grade 10 Year 11 S3 SMA1
16+ Grade 11 Year 12 S4 SMA2
17+ Grade 12 Year 13 S5/JC1 SMA3

Students are strongly encouraged to arrive on Bali a week before school begins to get settled in and be ready to start the year. In some rare cases, where a student returns or enrolls after the school year or semester has begun, he/she will be permitted to join classes up to the end of the 2nd week of the semester.

For High School Students

After late enrolment period, a student will not be permitted to join classes until the Wednesday of the last week of the current block. In the first semester, the last week of the block falls during the 7th week of the first semester (usually early October). In the second semester, the last week of the block falls during the 9th week of the semester (usually early March).

Green School admits students whose academic and personal needs can be met by the programs and student support services available at the time of admission. While we aim for inclusiveness in our admissions decisions, we reserve the right to refuse admission to students whom we determine will not benefit educationally from attending Green School. To this effect, careful consideration is exercised before admitting students with the following needs:

Students with physical disabilities

Green School’s unique campus environment presents specific challenges to students with physical disabilities. Students admitted to Green School must be able to tolerate and physically navigate uneven pathways and terrain, stairs, heat, exposure to dust, insects and other factors unique to Green School’s campus environment.

Any student with hearing, vision or allergy problems will require a current medical evaluation that takes into account the unique natural setting of Green School’s campus.

Students with learning differences

There is evidence to suggest that learning in a natural environment can have a positive impact on students with learning differences. However, we have also seen students who do not respond well to studying in a stimuli-rich learning environment that is the reality of the Green School campus. Prospective Green School students must understand that our campus environment can pose particular challenges to students who may be exceptionally distracted by, or struggle with sensory overload as a result of heat, rain, wind, the sounds of nature, and other environmental realities that present themselves in a classroom with no walls. Placement decisions are thus made on both determining if Green School’s campus will be a suitable learning environment for the student given their particular learning challenge(s), and moreover, if sufficient learning support resources are available to address the student’s academic needs at the time of admission.

The objective of Green School’s Admissions team is to establish a clear understanding of the learning needs of its applicants prior to making placement decisions. Therefore, applicants who have a history of requiring learning support are asked to submit the following documentation prior to any final placement decisions being made:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation (within the last three years, if applicable)
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) and educational reports (if applicable)
  • Medical History & Reports (if applicable)
  • Record of Placement & Treatment History
  • Students diagnosed with or suspected of having dyslexia are required to submit a current (no older than 12 months) Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS) report or local equivalent to support their application.

Any student requiring Occupational, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy or Mental Health Support will not be admitted unless parents can show proof that they have managed to contract these services with another professional here in Bali.

Green School will admit students requiring learning support up to a determined threshold for the semester. Once that limit has been reached, no additional students requiring learning support will be admitted until either space becomes available or additional resources are in place to meet their learning needs.

The school’s Student Study Team composed of school head/principal, Student Support Coordinator, School Psychologist/Guidance Counselor and Admissions Coordinator will meet on the third Wednesday of each month from September-June to discuss and review referrals and support strategies for students that have Special Needs. Decisions will be made at that time concerning admissions for students expected to require Learning Support services.

In the event it is determined by faculty that a full-time 1:1 aid is required to meet a student’s learning needs, the following conditions apply:

  • Learning support specialists and classroom teachers reserve the right to determine level of support need for any given student and make a final decision about continuation or discontinuation of support services based on demonstrated need.  In the event a student is deemed to require full-time 1:1 support, the parents are obliged to provide said services at their expense.
  • The learning support team in coordination with classroom teacher(s) determine a suitable weekly schedule for the aid.  Special arrangements may be required to ensure adequate coverage for morning and lunch breaks.

Green School provides ELL support to students for whom English is a second or foreign language. Students requiring ELL support are admitted when ELL support resources are available to address the student’s language learning needs at the time of admission.
Green School will admit students requiring ELL support up to a determined threshold for the semester. Once that limit has been reached, no additional students requiring ELL support will be admitted until either space becomes available or additional resources are in place to meet their learning needs.

Green School presents a nurturing and inspiring learning environment for a great many students, but not for all of them. If we are unsure that a candidate will thrive as a learner in our unique school setting, a Probational Placement offer may be given in response to an application.

The Probational Placement offer allows candidates an opportunity to prove themselves, and also to determine if Green School is an appropriate learning environment for the individual applicant. Students admitted on Probational Placement status are reviewed half-way through the semester by the Student Support Team consisting of the High School Coordinator, the Learning Support Specialist for High School, the Learning Support Coordinator, the Principal and the Head of Admissions.

If the Student Support Team determines that the student on Probational Placement is not thriving as a learner at Green School, a recommendation will be made to withdraw the student at that time. In the event that a student on a Probational Placement is required to withdraw mid-semester tuition is still payable for the duration of that semester. I.e. No refunds will be given for tuition or fees already paid for the semester under such circumstances.

Green School reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants based on the following considerations:

  • There are negative elements in the applicant’s scholastic or behavioural record that could potentially have a negative impact on the Green School community.
  • The class size is at capacity for the grade being applied for.
  • Required documentation as per admissions procedures is not provided.

Note: All students admitted to Green School are required to reside either with their parents or with a legal guardian that either or both biological parents have approved. Students whose parents do not reside in Bali may also opt to reside in the Student Village. No Green School student will be permitted to reside independently of guardians or parents for any period of time.

Green School prioritizes placement of students who:

  • Intend on registering for a period of a year or longer
  • Express a commitment to being a positive and contributing member of our unique Green School community.
  • Are a child of a Green School faculty member or employee
  • Have a sibling at Green School who has been registered for a period of at least one full semester.

Maximum class enrolments are as follows:

  • Age 3+ (Geckos): 16 students
  • Age 4+ (Starlings), K, Grades 1 and 2: 20 students
  • Grade 3 – Grade 12 inclusive: 24 students

Some extenuating circumstances such as the need for a student to repeat a year or accommodating the child of an incoming faculty member may dictate the need to exceed the maximum class size. In these instances, the maximum class enrolment will not exceed the set threshold by any more than two students.

If an application is received for a grade that is already at its enrolment capacity, the student will be placed on a waiting list. In order to be placed on a waiting list, a completed application along with all required documentation and the application fee must be submitted to Green School’s Admissions team. Applications are placed in priority sequence based on the date that the full application and fee was received.
Successful Placement and Registration
Placement and registration is complete after the following has occurred:

  • The application has been received along with all required documentation and fees
  • The application is reviewed and approved by the Head of Admissions
  • The application is reviewed and approved by the Student and Teacher Manager
  • If applicable, the Learning Support specialist and/or the ELL teacher and/or the Director of the Student Village (boarding program) are informed of the application and approve of the placement.
  • In the event that the above listed individuals are unable to reach consensus on a placement decision, the Learning Manager will be involved to facilitate a consensus.
  • Registration fees and deposit are paid in full.
  • Parents receive a formal acceptance letter from Admissions to confirm the successful placement and registration of their child(ren).

In the event a grade placement is brought into question by a parent, the following protocol is adhered to:

  • Parent informs member of administration, admissions, or faculty that grade placement for their child be reconsidered.
  • Parent is informed that a student support team consisting of classroom teacher, administration (Head of Learning Neighborhood), admissions, and specialist(s) will be considering the appeal collectively.  Parent is given an appropriate timeframe in which a decision will be made.
  • Additional documentation may be requested of parent to support appeal and further inform decision making (e.g. standardized test results, educational psychologist report, etc.).  An assessment or interview with a learning support specialist may also be recommended or required prior to student support team convening to discuss case.
  • Student support team convenes and each member is given an opportunity to provide input over the grade placement decision.  A collective decision is made concerning the grade placement that factors in the best interest of the student in question, space availability, learning support/ELL caseloads, existing classroom dynamics, gender balance, potential ramifications of an exception to policy being made (if applicable), parental input, etc.
  • Head of Learning Neighborhood meets with parent(s) to convey final grade placement decision.  If the grade placement decision is a trial, commitment to the length of trial period and explanation as to evaluation procedure at the end of the trial period is explained to parent(s).

To help the school to manage our enrolments efficiently, it is absolutely necessary that parents provide the Admissions team at least one semester’s written notice of withdrawal. Should one full semester’s notice to withdraw not be received by the Admissions team, the deposit refund may not be granted.
Green School reserves the right to withdraw an already registered student when any or all of the following conditions apply:

  • the student’s learning needs cannot be met given available resources
  • the student’s presence in the class has an ongoing negative impact on her/his classmates
  • the student’s behaviour is determined to have a detrimental impact on the Green School community
  • the student’s attendance record is unacceptable (missing 10% or more of classes in any given semester)

In the event that a student is required to withdraw from Green School due to any of the above reasons, no tuition refund will be granted for the balance of the semester that the student is not in attendance.

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