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Green School Bali, a progressive, dynamic PreK-12 school awarded “Greenest School on Earth”, is currently looking for a :

Indonesian Teacher Assistant (Early Years, Primary)
Early Years Teacher (PreK, Kindergarten)
Indonesian Early Years Teacher (PreK, Kindergarten)
Art Teacher – Primary School
Indonesian Primary Teacher (Grades 1-5)
Indonesian Practical Arts Teacher
Bahasa Indonesian Teacher – High School
Indonesian PE Teacher
Primary Teacher (Grades 1-5)
Counselor – Primary School
English Language Development Teacher
Career and University Coordinator – High School
Enterprise Coordinator – Primary School
Environmental Science/Studies Teacher – High School
Learning Support Teacher
Math Teacher – Middle and High School
Events Manager
All Other Positions
Volunteer & Internship

An exceptional person and an experienced professional with a Bachelor’s degree, appropriate credential, and 5+ years of teaching experience (all REQUIRED by law), who

  1. Feels a deep passion and responsibility for helping to change education in their lifetime for the purpose of changing the world
  2. Understands that each student is different, hence develops individualised learning plans and tracks learning goals
  3. Has experience with students from many different cultures and with a wide range of learning needs
  4. Challenges and supports learners and forges strong positive relationships based on commitment, energy, and trust
  5. Loves to facilitate learning and build skills through a variety of ways, including hands on, real-life learning
  6. Has a high level of self-motivation and follow-through, the tenacity to persevere and the ability to improvise and create quickly and creatively
  7. Thrives on using information technology to enrich the learning experience and to make learning management a breeze
  8. Is a lifetime learner, constantly seeking opportunities to develop, and to help better others
  9. Lives a sustainable lifestyle, loves to be connected with nature, composting, living outdoors and getting dirty
  10. Has started and/or supported causes to better the world


  1. A progressive, English language K-12 school, in its 8th year
  2. A wall-less, all natural learning environment, awarded “Greenest School on Earth”
  3. A multicultural community of about 400 students
  4. An involved and committed parent body
  5. With a professional, dynamic, young faculty with a purpose


  1. Inspiring, guiding and instilling a love of learning and sense of confidence in your students
  2. Using your passion and craft to create programs, curriculum and change while you are at Green School
  3. Designing and implementing creative thematic, experiential and proficiency-based projects and units of study
  4. Maintaining regular and positive communications with parents
  5. Collaborating with colleagues to create integrated learning experiences
  6. Learning from peers and experts, and sharing experience and knowledge
  7. Leading afterschool activities, and participating in Green School Community events and on school committees, as requested
  8. Driving change in education around the world


  1. Practice and help invent progressive education while enjoying the freedom, independence and inspirational intellectual environment money can’t buy
  2. Up your game through peer training, exposure to hugely inspirational visitors and community members, and a professional growth programme focusing on sustainability and progressive education
  3. Competitive salary, housing allowance, and health insurance

Closing Date: When the position is filled
Start date: 29 July 2015

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; Green School Bali respects and encourages diversity and is an equal opportunity working environment.  All positions of employment are dependent on comprehensive criminal background checks and the fulfilment of Indonesian employment laws.  Thank you to all applicants for your interest in Green School.

If you have any questions, please email our Hiring Team at