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At this time we have no available employment postings. But please
come back and visit us again as we are always looking for great
employees to be part of this team.


Current Vacancies:

  1. ELL and Learning Support Teacher

Teaching Position Application Process:

Our application process for teachers is rigorous and is not intended to be easy.  Our quest for quality is purposeful.  If you make it through, you will know you are working with a faculty of incredible minds and hearts:

  1. Your resume or CV – as per normal schools
  2. Three references written by the following people:
    1. A person who has worked under/with you
    2. A person who has managed you
    3. Your Head of School/Principal or equivalent
  3. A handwritten cover letter, scanned as a .pdf, explaining why you wish to join Green School.
  4. A link to a personal 10-15 minute video/podcast that addresses seven of the following topics used for our selection criteria.Outline your current philosophy on education and learning incorporating input from current issues in education, internationally and nationally.
    1. Briefly outline which educational leaders are shaping your life-long learning and professional practice.
    2. Describe how you create a compelling desire in your students to learn, behave, cooperate, and flourish.
    3. Describe how you have demonstrated extensive practical expertise in establishing effective and progressive teaching and learning frameworks and programs.
    4. Describe something of which you are the most proud of accomplishing in your professional experience.
    5. Briefly provide an example of experience in leading major change in sustainable or progressive education.
    6. Discuss your capacity to contribute to the holistic development of the students through the support of the school’s extra-curricular programs.
    7. Describe a time when you had to deal with an issue that required your resilience and detail the approach you to deal with this situation.
    8. Your experience and preferred format for working in a classroom with a co-teacher.
    9. Discuss or submit a creative idea using only bamboo. We want to see how you innovate.
  5. Complete an online survey.

We are the Change We Want to See in Education!

What are the expected responsibilities?

  • Inspire in students and staff a compelling desire to give of their best
  • Support and encourage the development of confidence in students via positive relationships
  • Design and implement creative units of engagement for upper school students as well as
  • proficiency-based units of study based on the Green School learning models so that the
  • lessons are differentiated for all students and accessible by staff and management
  • Deliver small group and individualized differentiated instruction as needed, providing support for all students on the skills spectrum
  • Maintain clear, accurate, and accessible assessment records
  • Maintain regular and strong communication with parents
  • Lead and participate in our extra-curricular programs with full commitment, enthusiasm and support
  • Initiate, organise and/or participate in Green School community events
  • Serve on committees, as requested

Who is our ideal candidate?

  • A gentle and understanding soul, who is able to inspire a compelling desire in learners of all ages
  • Someone who forges excellent positive relationships based on commitment, energy, trust and passion
  • A mentor who challenges (and supports) learners in their thinking – not someone who merely imparts information
  • An educator committed to marking work, going beyond what is expected, who is inspired to give constructive feedback
  • A professional who realises “the affective teacher is an effective teacher”
  • A commitment to formative assessment and the tracking of individualised
  • learning goals to celebrate success
  • A humble person, who is creative, engaging, and people-oriented
  • Someone who strives to be organised, in planning and preparing for productive, purposeful lessons
  • A mover and a shaker – not someone tied to a desk or a computer screen during teaching times
  • A “coach” committed to presenting, praising and displaying personal best efforts
  • An instructor who guides with understanding while maintaining high standards of achievement
  • A citizen of the world committed to living a sustainable lifestyle and making a difference
  • An exceptional person with experience and/or a natural talent for teaching
  • A colleague with a high level of self-motivation and a solid follow-through with the tenacity to persevere
  • A global citizen with the appreciation for camping, living outdoors and working overseas
  • Physically fit and mentally sound
  • Oh, and a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in the field of Education with five years’ experience.

Participation in the Green Educator Course will be viewed favourably in our shortlisting of candidates for employment opportunities at Green School.

As vacancies will continue to be updated throughout the month, it is recommended you check this page regularly for updates if a position that suits your qualifications has not yet been posted.

Positions are open until filled so get your application in quickly as we receive interest from many highly qualified candidates!  Send all materials to:

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