Specialist Subjects

Sarita Pockell – Performing Arts Teacher

Sarita Pockell has been teaching Performing Arts skills, directing musical theatre, and creating cabaret-style variety shows with young people for over 15 years. She has taught and directed students from over 30 different counties, and has spent the past 3 years directing and running “Vaudevillians Stage Troupe (VaST)”, a child-based theater troupe specializing in unique variety shows created by and for kids. Before creating her troupe, Sarita was the full-time Music and Drama teacher at several progressive private schools in the East Bay and Marin County. An active musician, She has performed in Austrailia, Japan, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, and all over the United States and Europe. She is a founding member of one of the Bay Area’s favorite kids and family band, OCTOPRETZEL, and writes, produces, and records music for children (and adults). Her career path is rooted in her love of entertaining diverse communities of people, working with children and helping them to reach their potential and their goals, her spirit of collaboration, and the wonderful experiences she has had with what she believes to be one of the most transformational forms of human expression: Performing Arts!. Sarita and her family moved to Bali this year from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the mother of two Green School students (2nd and 8th grade). sarita@greenschool.org

Adam Felton – Music Teacher

Adam E. Felton is a passionate, energetic and creative Performing Arts and Primary teacher who has gained broad professional experience in diverse educational settings in three different countries. Having delivered and developed a number of curricula throughout Southeast Asia, he has acquired the strong ability to adapt his teaching style to foster understanding, enthusiasm and learning in children from a broad spectrum of cultures and backgrounds. Pak Adam, in this his third year at Green School, has developed the school’s music curriculum with a strong emphasis on individual creativity, composition, multi-instrumentalism and ensemble-based performance. He is also an accomplished professional drummer, having performed with numerous world class musical acts, both here in Bali and abroad. In 2014 alone he toured with Australian Award-Winning Blues and Roots musician, Ash Grunwald, as well as LA-based World Roots revolutionaries, ‘Nahko and Medicine for the People’. adam@greenschool.org

Alex Brindell – Music Teacher

Alex is a multi-instrumentalist musician and educator hailing from Australia. Growing up in a travelling family, Alex has had the opportunity to perform and collaborate with people from diverse cultures and musical genres. This experience has greatly influenced his approach in both performance and educative environments.

Alex began his musical journey as a three-year-old attending pre-school classes at The Newcastle Conservatorium of Music where he was able to fulfill his incessant hunger to bang things.  Since then Alex now holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance from the Jazz Music Institute and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Queensland. During this time, Alex has performed with over 150 artists both nationally and internationally.

As an educator, Alex aims to inspire and motivate students through sharing his love and knowledge of music whilst creating a stimulating, positive and safe learning environment that caters for a diverse range of student needs and learning styles.

Duncan-McKeeDuncan McKee – Music Consultant

Duncan McKee is a jazz pianist, composer and educator from the UK. Throughout his 20 year career, he’s played over 2000 performances with some of the worlds best musicians such as Dale Barlow, Michael Bolton and Bali’s very own Balawan. He composes music for HBO, Discovery Channel and other major networks and leads his own groups Tembusu and The Duncan McKee Trio. He was an instrumental teacher on the Jazz Degree programme at LaSalle College of the Arts (Singapore) as well as UK artist Jamie Cullum’s piano teacher, who went on to be the UK’s highest paid jazz musician. Duncan is a speaker on Music, Creativity & Leadership and works with many of the worlds leading organisations (70% of Fortune 100’s) helping to improve the way they work together by modelling the effective leadership skills of musicians. For the past two years he’s been developing a new bamboo musical instrument for classroom education. His belief is that music extends much further than the arts. Instead it’s our collaborative language and is the most authentic demonstration of how people work effectively together. duncan.mckee@greenschool.org

Sri Agustini – Assistant to the Music Teacher

I was born in Bali to a Java-Balinese family. I discovered my true passion – singing – when I was 23. I was working at Bali’s Hard Rock Hotel and began traveling throughout Indonesia with a band, singing covers. I moved back home after a while, where a childhood friend introduced me to the Green School. When I stepped my feet at the school, I knew what journey I wanted for my life. I’ve been inspired by the many wonderful souls here, the “learning by doing” education and my love for singing, dancing and performing is coming back stronger than before! tini@greenschool.org

Jen Buchanan – Middle & High School Art

Jen joins Green School after three years of living in the hot desert climate of Saudi Arabia where she has been working as an Assistant Head at the British International School Riyadh. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Jen has spent much of her adult life travelling the globe. Highlights from Jen’s travels include time studying at Institute Seni Indonesia (ISI in Yogyakarta), working as a volunteer with the United Nations in East Timor, coordinating health education programs in India, and in more recent years a fulfilling career as an arts educator in her home country and abroad. Jen is a strong advocate for the promotion of the arts as central to student learning and within the wider school community. Over the years, Jen has organised several large group exhibitions and held several exhibitions of her own work. She is a published children’s book illustrator and the director of two internationally featured short animated films. In her spare time, Jen is happiest when engaged in a range of outdoor pursuits including diving, road biking, and camping. She is excited to be joining Green School and to have the opportunity to work in such a beautiful and engaging environment. jen.buchanan@greenschool.org

Kai Nierhaus –  Primary art teacher

Born in Berlin, Germany, Kai is an artist, musician and teacher of the arts. Initially studying music (piano, clarinet), he later pursued and completed a university degree in fine arts. Since then he has been striving to combine music and art in sound installations, performances and videos. He has been working on projects with German and international artists as well as on exhibition collaborations such as the Multi Media Art Show at the Museum for Photography in Braunschweig. For the past seven years he has been working as an art and music teacher as well as participating in student projects comprising photography, composition, Manga, Graffiti and artists education programs. In teaching art he encourages children and teenagers to express themselves in painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and other techniques. To him, the most interesting aspect in art is its ability to change one’s perception, allowing to see the world with a fresh eye and to transform personal experiences into an aesthetic expression. Kai likes traveling and is particularly inspired by Buddhist culture with regards to arts and philosophy – an appreciation much deepened by spending a few weeks in a meditation retreat in a Buddhist monastery in Myanmar. From 2012 to 2014 he was head of the Arts Department at the German International School Beijing, China, teaching both arts and music. After this he decided to come to Bali for its intrinsic artistic culture, living spiritual tradition and Gamelan music and feels extremely lucky and excited having found his new job as primary art teacher at Green School. He likes surfing, outdoor activities, nature and animals.kai.nierhaus@greenschool.org

Colin Kuit – High School PE Teacher & Coordinator

Colin is from South Africa, holds a Sports Science degree and teaching degree in Physical Education. He was PE teacher/Aquatics director for 5 years at an international School in Manila, Philippines prior to moving to Bali. Colin is currently the PE teacher and Sports co-ordinator at Green School and also director of ISSC(International Schools Surf Camp) where he also works closely with Green Camp. He has competed at swimming at national level and international level at surfing and surf lifesaving. colin.kuit@greenschool.org

Paul Eperjesi (Yeshi) – Primary & Middle PE Teacher

At the age of 20, Yeshi started his physical education career teaching in primary and secondary schools in country Queensland, Australia. Travelling to Alberta, Canada, he completed a Bachelor of Physical Education and represented the University in Fencing. While involved in many sports, Yeshi has a particular interest in Dance and physical disciplines such as Yoga and Tai Chi. He completed a Masters in Education at the University of Western Sydney in 2010 with research design into Environmental Attitudes in Teenagers. Yeshi believes strongly in the importance of free play in childhood, particularly in the outdoors. yeshi@greenschool.org

Dimas-AdiputrantoDimas Adiputranto – Primary PE Teacher

“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”
-Michael Phelps

Born and bred in the Big Apple of Southeast Asia, Jakarta, Dimas has been a sports enthusiast his whole life and holds a sports degree from UK’s premier university for sport, Loughborough University. He came back to his native Indonesia in late 2013 after travelling across Europe and working extensively with a number of British sports researchers in the Northern Hemisphere. The thought of being a teacher never crossed his mind until he found out that teaching means sharing his knowledge to others and enriching himself simultaneously. He considers himself as a yogi first and a middle-distance runner second. He also enjoys active outdoor lifestyle, playing bass guitar, surfing, cycling, swimming, football, rugby, travelling and having a cup of tea in the morning. He is in charge of primary PE at Green School and believes that outdoor workouts are way more delightful than the indoor ones since they can stimulate creativity. dimas.adiputranto@greenschool.org

Bambang Prayitno –  PE Teacher

Bambang comes from Yogyakarta. He attended physical education at FIK State University of Yogyakarta and graduated in 2004. He then continued his postgraduate programme and received his Master of Sport Science degree with a concentration in sport for early year’s childhood. His teaching experience started in 2004 as a PE teacher at vocational high school in Yogyakarta. He is also a swimming and tennis coach. In 2007, he taught the Middle Year and Primary Year Programme at Global Jaya International School Tangerang. bambang.prayitno@greenschool.org

SarahSarah Bilal – Middle & High School Learning Support

Sarah has been working in resource and general education classes for the past 11 years as a Special Education teacher and as an American Sign Language interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Cultural Anthropology and a Master of Special Education. Prior to moving to Bali, Sarah taught in Montana and Hawaii. When Sarah learned about the Green School’s style of teaching, she decided to move to Bali with her eight year old son; she is excited to join the Green School community as both an educator and as a parent. Sarah is thrilled to be in Bali, where she looks forward to working with Green School community. When not teaching, Sarah enjoys practicing aerial silks, snorkeling, and exploring the Island of the God. sarah.bilal@greenschool.org


Josh Wise – Counsellor

Josh is passionate about counselling and fostering the social-emotional development of our students and community. He believes in an integral model of counselling that involves care for the body, mind, spirit, and community. Josh loves to help people cultivate compassion—for themselves and others—as they navigate life’s complexity and changes. His career has been in education and counselling. He was the director of a small alternative high school in Los Altos, California where he was able to help students and families find unique, tailored solutions to academic and emotional needs. Having moved to Bali with his family in 2010, Josh has been counselling on the island for the past five years. He understands the unique challenges that families and children face when moving to Bali and to adapting to life here. Josh has an M.Ed in Alternative Education and an M.A. in Psychology. He’s currenlty completing his Ph.D, writing his doctoral dissertation on mindfulness, self-compassion, and relationships. He loves yoga, mountain biking, playing guitar, and singing. He lives in Ubud with his wife and two children. 

Francis Mollet – High School ELL

Francis has been teaching since university. He has taught foreign languages, ESL, EAL, primary and secondary students as well as corporate English. He believes everybody has something to contribute. He loves to learn with and from students, “The children bring smiles to my lips, light to my mind and hope to my heart, everyday”, he said. His favourite things are not things, they are people. He adores his family, playing ukulele, surfing, singing, and dancing. francis.mollet@greenschool.org

Jaclyn George –  ELL/ESL

Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Jaclyn George began her journey in education five years ago, teaching English to second language learners in Cairo, Egypt. Her passion to explore unique cultures then brought her to Northern China, where she continued teaching English to learners of all ages and levels. Her experiences in China were inspirational, and led her to deepening her teaching practice at the University of Wollongong, Eastern Australia. She completed her Graduate Diploma in Education, specializing in Earth and Environmental Science. She holds a Bachelors degree in Environmental Resource Management, and TESOL certification. Jaclyn’s desire to be part of an environmentally conscious community has led her to Green School, energized to be part of an ESL program that creatively encourages students to be resourceful, independent learners working towards a sustainable future. Jaclyn is thrilled to be in Bali, where she enjoys yoga, surfing and the natural environment. jaclyn.george@greenschool.org

Itaca Cardillo – Learning Support & Primary Drama Teacher

Itaca is from Switzerland, a tiny, green country in the heart of Europe. For the past eight years, she have been working as a teacher in Switzerland, The Netherlands and Indonesia. I love nature and humans and interacting with them. To her, working with children and young adults is the most rewarding profession because not only we have fun, discuss and learn from each other every day, but also have a real and visible opportunity to make our world a better place.

Green School is a dream for a multicultural and nature loving person like Itaca. Her classroom is surrounded by unique plants and trees. Beautiful animals such as birds, squirrels, butterflies, lizards, spiders and bugs pass by all day long and give her students and her happy and relaxing feelings while teaching and learning. To be in a school with a clear green vision and mission and to be able to work with the most exciting teaching staff from all over the world is as perfect as it ever will be. itaca.cardillo@greenschool.org


Libby-McQueenLibby McQueen – Learning Support

Libby comes to Bali from Australia, living on the sunny Central Coast of New South Wales, north of Sydney. She enjoys everything the ocean has to offer, which brought her many times, to the broader Indonesian archipelago. Her teaching background has been in Learning Support, where she has worked in a range of school settings. She supports and nurtures individual abilities and strengths, promoting students to be ‘the best they can be’, building confidence, awareness and promoting success. Her extensive experience has provided her with invaluable strategies and interventions dealing with students experiencing attentional, learning, behavioural, emotional and sensory challenges. She is excited to be joining the Green School team. libby.mcqueen@greenschool.org

Jackie Pye – High School Environmental Science (Green Studies)

Jackie Pye is originally from a small town in Ontario, Canada and is moving to Bali with  Steve and their kids Roxana (11) and Asha (9). She loves to travel with her family and having spent much time in India over the past 10 years. Jackie has been an educator for 16 years and with a Bachelors of Science, Bachelors of Physical and Health Education, Bachelors of Education and a Masters in Environmental Studies. Her experience has been in alternative and outdoor education, private and public education, international schools, and most recently at an outdoor therapeutic boarding school for students with substance addictions. She was also the director of a traditional canoe tripping camp in Algonquin Park in Canada, a place where a few of our GS students spend time in the summer. All of her experiences have inspired her to continue to work with people and build positive communities through experiential learning and physical activity. Jackie is excited about Green School’s approach to learning and its location in Indonesia. jackie.pye@greenschool.org

BrettBrett Hendricks – Primary Green Studies Teacher

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A., Brett’s recieved his first introduction to Environmental Science as a high school student. As a musician, Brett played bass guitar in his high school jazz band and later became a regular gigging musician while attending university. Making frequent camping and hiking trips in his native state of Kansas, as well as many in Colorado, motivated him to move west to Oregon after finishing his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Kansas. His interest in Permaculture and new models of education inspired him to pursue his Master’s degree thru Portland State University’s Leadership, Ecology, Culture and Learning program. While studying at PSU, he worked with Portland Public Schools helping to start school gardens and farm to cafeteria programs around the metro area. After receiving his Permaculture certification, he moved to a small farm outside the city where he lived for two years teaching kindergarten and pre-kindergarten, helping to organize events for an NGO and finished his MA in Leadership through the California Institute of Integral Studies’ Transformative Leadership program. Following the March 2011 events in Japan, Brett picked up from the US and came to Asia where he has since remained. From 2012 to 2014, Brett focused on creating Environmental Leadership curriculum in Myanmar for rural youth seeking higher education in Yangon in addition to teaching and volunteering around the country. His other interests include hiking, cycling, basketball, ultimate frisbee, tennis and playing music with friends. brett.hendricks@greenschool.org


Puri Wahyuni – Lab Technician

Puri wahyuni was born and rised in Tabanan Bali, and  hold teaching qualification from Ganesha Universty in Biology. She was join green school at 2009 . She is responsible for Maintenance and upkeep of the laboratory needed. Puri is Balinese dencer since she was a young girl and love children very much. puri@greenschool.org

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