Administrative Team

John-StewartJohn Stewart - Head of School

Learning is an Adventure

“The empires of the future will be empires of the mind” – Winston Churchill

John Stewart is an experienced and passionate leader of learning and change. He believes schools must nurture a sense of wonder to engage and develop life-long learners.

Green School is a very progressive and holistic school that emphasizes the importance of sustainability.  The Green School focus on the Three Frames of Learning encapsulates an authentic focus on engagement, mastery, grit and experience.

I came to Green School with my family because I believe my children should have in their education a global understanding.  I wanted to take them away from the mono-culture of suburbs and compliance, and open their minds to the world.  Bali, and Indonesia, offers an exciting, enriching and confronting consciousness of cultural diversity.

My focus is to be true to the Green School vision:

Our vision is of natural, holistic, student-centered learning environments that empower and inspire our students to be creative, innovative, green global leaders.

I believe good learning starts with good questions; one we must all consider is have we defined learning as ‘schooling’ and in so doing we have created mundane cerebral silos?  Is schooling really thinking of the future needs of our students – or is it archaic?

I wish to contest schools can be structured better to maximize the learning experience and gains.  I believe schools must focus on the future – not stay entrenched in the past.  A major issue for “first world” countries is disengagement.  If students are not connected they will not succeed.  Globally, drop-out rates are soaring.  School has become boring (for students and teachers).

There should be greater diversity so best practice can be created, defined and then shared.  Standardised schooling, based on systems of regulated control – driven by testing regimes, will not promote excellence.  We need to feed the positive attitudes to develop the successful habits that promote a successful life: confidence, openness, resilience and excellence.  We must stimulate passion, persistence, positivity and patience.  We want our learners to flourish.

Schools need to promote engagement, stoke curiosity, implement best practice: establish positive relationships, repeat purposefully concepts being taught, monitor progression, emphasise expert feedback, contextualize the abstract, and look at how the day, the term, the year (and the physical environment) support individualized learning development.  There should be strong community links.

At the heart of school is learning – and at the heart of learning is the student.

Our educational offering focuses on the future.  The leaders we develop will be the voices of sustainability and sense in the decades to come.  This is a noble cause.  It is needed.

Chris Thompson - Director of Development

“The Green School has been a magical and enriching place for our family. We would love to see our children graduate from here. I smile every day when I walk onto campus. It is a privilege being part of this community.

Chris loves the Green School and the world of education. He has been working with the Green School in an advisory capacity since he first arrived in July 2010 and was then asked to join the Green School Board. He has been in the media world for over 23 years almost all of which he spent with Electronic Arts (EA), where he saw the company grow from a start-up to a $5 billion organization. His focus was building, nurturing, growing and helping organizations across the world including the UK, Germany, Canada, Japan and Singapore. Chris finished his career at EA as Vice President and General Manager of Asia based out of Singapore to move his family to the Green School after he and his wife met with John Hardy one evening.

Chris served on a number of academic/government boards and advisory committees including the Singapore Media Development Authority, Nanyang Poly (SG), Temasek Poly (SG) and the Institute of Technical Education (SG). He has been a featured speaker on media trends speaking region wide at conferences, schools and universities. He is currently an advisor to the Board of Directors of TwoFour54 where he directs the government of Abu Dhabi on their media investment and development strategies, and he advises a variety of tech start-ups here in Bali. But his heart is in education and he thinks he has found a good home.

Chris has two children, Chayton and Chenoa, who attend the Green School, and his wife, Joanne Guelke, is a health, fitness and yoga professional with international experience teaching yoga and personal training.

NovieNoviyani Setiawati – School Secretary

Novi grew up in a very quite & peaceful village in Bali. After 11 years of varied working experiences, she finally found Green School where the environment reminds her of Bali in the past; bamboo houses, mud walls, and large gardens It’s so similar to her village, it gives her tranquillity of mind. Novi is committed to Green School because she loves children very much. She is the mother of 2 daughters and twin boys and particularly loves the way the school teaches children to become independent. Novi is the School Secretary, as well as assisting all teachers & the Principal. Novi graduated from the Politechnique Udayana University in Bali with a degree in the tourism industry. Novi and her daughters are expert Balinese.

nina tresia operationsNina Tresia – Operations Manager

Nina is responsible for everything on the grounds of the campus including safety, functionality and cleanliness. She manages gardeners, housekeepers, security offices, and maintenance workers. Her brief also extends to being responsible for the Green Warung and the Kitchen. She is a member of the Green School Management Team, the Green Camp Management Team, and the Green Enterprises Management Team. Born and raised in Denpasar, Nina earned a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Atma Jaya University in Yogyakarta. She loves to sight see and eat Balinese food.

Putu Eka Pertiwisari – Legal Manager

Putu brings 15 years experience to her position, including an in-depth knowledge of visa regulations, school legal documents, and government regulations. She brings a great combination of these knowledge and pragmatic problem solving. Putu graduated from Politechnique Udayana University in Bali with a degree in the hospitality industry. As both a mother and someone interested in education, she strongly believes that the School’s emphasis on multiple intelligence pedagogy is well suited to today’s needs and is the foundation of a happy and successfully education for the 21st century.

IrmaIrma Sitompul – Communications Manager

Irma brings to the team a broad experience in the field of Communications, from project and brand management to integrated advertising campaign development in Indonesia. In addition to that, Irma’s personal passion is the environment and in sustainability, which inspired her postgraduate study at The Australian National University, and earned her a master degree in Environment with a focus in Human Ecology. Her mission is to integrate both her skills and knowledge in communication and sustainability into Green School’s forthcoming communications strategic planning. She is an active member and volunteer to several international environmental initiatives such as WWF Marine Buddies, The Nature Conservancy, and The International Ecotourism Society. She also loves scuba diving, photography, and is excited to be a part of the Green School community!

Tim Fijal – Head of Admissions

Tim relocated to Bali from Vancouver, Canada with his wife Insook and their two sons, JJ (grade 8) and Ben (grade 4). Back in Vancouver, Tim is the co-owner and Academic Director of Little Mountain Learning Academy, a visionary learning center located on the University of British Columbia campus, through which he has had extensive experience in the area of enrollment and recruiting. The Fijal family had initially made the commitment to move to Bali as Green School parents, but Tim was later thrilled to accept an offer to fill the Admissions role based on expanding needs at GS. Tim will leverage his experience as a school administrator for the Green School cause, and brings with him abundant enthusiasm for the school’s vision and its exciting future. Tim’s passions include cycling, growing food, reading, and seeing happy young faces that are switched on to learning.

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