Bridging Cultures for a Bali free of plastic

By Tiago Petta

Bali has a lot of amazing places to go and the Balinese people are awesome. There is just one thing that makes me really sad. There is too much litter. My dream is a Clean Bali, free from plastics, with clean beaches, roads and rivers. For that we need to change people awearness. That is what Made Gandra is doing. He is collecting and recycling the trash, cleaning his community and giving to 800 families environmental education. His goal now is to spread his project to others villages. I want to help him! I want to do a video, where I will share all the great things we are learning in Green School and all the nice things that Made is doing with his community. And add to it great things that other people are doing around the world. And then, share this video across Bali to help raise awareness about the litter problem.

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