Prospective Parents: Dress Code

dress code

At Green School we want our students to be cool and comfortable, but not to be over-casual.

  • Top – T-shirt, polo, button-down shirt or blouse. (Shirts should not display logos, profanity, or media images; no spaghetti straps and low cut tops. Please use discretion with attire.)
  • Pants – Solid colour shorts (hemlines 5cm above the knee or lower), trousers or skirts (hemlines 5cm above the knees or lower).
  • Footwear – Given the rugged nature of the campus, we recommend shoes with closed toes and backs.  (Keene and Teva-type sandals are acceptable.)  Shoes will not be worn in the classroom; students may wear flip-flops or other indoor shoes in the classroom (and may store them at school).  Flip-flops are not recommended for outdoor use.
  • Gym Clothing for Physical Education Class (PE) – Sun hat, light cotton T-shirt, gym shorts, and gym shoes.  Please provide a set of gym clothes that can be kept at school.  All gym clothes and shoes should be labelled with students’ names.
  • Hats – It is a requirement that hats are worn for outdoor activities

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