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Welcome to Green School. Our amazing campus has been created by master craftsmen, designers and builders, landscape architects and gardeners using a blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional materials and methods. The result is a truly inspirational teaching and learning environment that stimulates critical thinking and creative problem solving.

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    Green School History and Founders

    Green School combines the talent of several and very differently gifted individuals.Read On...
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    Green School is an amazing project, pioneering sustainability within education.Read On...
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    Vision, Mission and Values

    This is the vision that inspires us, the mission to which we are committed, and the values that we strive to live by.Read On...
  • Governance

    Governance at Green School

    Green School operates in Indonesia under Yayasan Kul-Kul, a non-profit Foundation registered in Bali.Read On...
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    Relocating to Bali

    Moving to Bali for most is an exciting experience, although it is not without its challenges. If you are moving to Bali we are here to support you and help you during the transitionRead On...
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    Health and Safety

    Here at Green School, the Board of Directors and Management team consider the health, safety and welfare of staff members and students to be of paramount importance Read On...
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    Dress Code

    At Green School we want our students to be cool and comfortable, but not to be over-casual.Read On...
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    Photos & Videos

    Thanks for visiting Green School's "Photos & Videos" section. There is a lot to see and we sure hope you have fun looking around. Enjoy!Read On...
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    For families interested in enrolling children at Green School, we recommend a private visit during the school day so that we can address specific questions about curriculumRead On...