Curriculum: Primary School: Grades 1-5

The primary school course focuses on developing the whole child. Our integrated and experiential lessons are designed around some of the latest educational research. We aim to develop each child’s IQ, EQ and SQ through a variety of multi-sensory activities each day. Children are encouraged to be expressive and creative through experiential lessons in the classroom and out.

Our core academic standards are derived from a variety of rigorous international sources. Science, mathematics, and English are taught daily. In addition to this we offer our own Green School subjects such as Global Awareness, Green Studies, performing and visual arts, Indonesian Studies and Bahasa Indonesia. Our Grade 4 and 5 students also study marimba as an integral part of their performing arts program.

All of the core subjects are introduced in the thematic approach. The essential skills from these subjects are then explicitly taught during the daily proficiency lessons in mathematics and English.  Students will be working on individual learning programs in mathematics and English across all grades. This approach enables all of the students to grow and thrive confidently in and a safe and supportive environment.

The thematic lessons are driven by student interest and designed to be developmentally relevant to the age and ability level of the children. In addition to the thematic lessons, our primary students are involved in the community based activities for each class. Green School prides itself on providing realistic and purposeful learning experiences to all of the students. As part of the this program, our classes adopt a local community charity or cause and work with it throughout the year.

Another aspect of the primary course is to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills. This is achieved through a variety of programs and projects built into the yearly program. Students work on community based projects to strengthen the understanding of helping others and inviting people from all walks of life into the school to work with the class on real life projects that relate to careers and businesses in the community. For further information on the Primary School program, please open this document: Primary School Curriculum Overview

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