Curriculum: Physical Education And After School Sport


Primary PE Curriculum

The Primary Physical Education (PE) curriculum at Green School aims to meet both the needs of the Three Frame Day with the Specific Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) from Health and Well-being, as well as developing the Sporting Skills required to play in the BSSA (Bali Schools Sports Association)  Sports. These two aims are not mutually exclusive, but rather complement each other. For example, within the SLO’s for Health and Wellbeing, one can look at basic loco-motor skills, such as awareness of space, and see that this is easily applied to how an individual positions themselves on a court or playing field during a game.

Each Grade in Primary School has two lessons of Physical Education each week; one lesson focuses on BSSA sport and the second on Health and Well-being. The sport class focuses on sporting skills required during the BSSA sport season, such as passing and trapping a ball with the feet during the soccer season. The Health and Wellbeing classes will cover the following: Enhancing Personal Health and Physical Development, Developing Movement Concepts and Skills, Enriching Relationships with Others, and Promoting Healthy Communities and Environments.

Middle School PE Curriculum:

Physical Education(PE) in the Middle School (Grades 6-8) is geared towards promoting physical fitness and healthy lifestyles through: athletic activities, games, gymnastic activities, and outdoor/adventurous activities.  The focus is on the enjoyment of physical activities and strong emphasis is placed on differentiation so that each student’s individual needs are met according to their ability level.

Middle School students have two PE lessons each week. In these lessons we also follow the sporting seasons of the BSSA to develop skills required for various sports.

High School PE Curriculum:

Physical Education in High School is divided into two sections: BSSA Sports and Health and Fitness.  In BSSA Sports we follow the Bali Schools Sport Season and provide specialist training in football(soccer), volleyball, basketball and athletics.

In Health and Fitness various courses are offered to promote healthy lifestyles and to equip students with the knowledge and experience to maintain health and fitness even after they have left school.  Courses include: Exercise for Fun and Social Experience, Designing Your Own PEP(Personal Exercise Program), Principles and Methods of Training, First Aid, Health and Nutrition, Coaching their own classes in an activity of choice, and Water safety Skills.

After School Sport

Green School forms part of the BSSA(Bali Schools Sports Association) which has 10 International Schools a its members. We encourage mass participation, sportsmanship and fun, and we work to develop skills for competition within the BSSA leagues. Students represent Green School in their green and white sports kits and gain valuable all round experiences from these competitions.

We have the following seasons for various sports:

  • Football(Soccer) Aug-Oct
  • Volleyball Oct-Dec
  • Basketball Jan-March

Also included is an annual carnival for:

  • Swimming (March),
  • Athletics (Track and Field-June)
  • Cross Country (April)
  • Multi-Sports Day(Surfing, Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee, Touch Rugby, Golf , etc- May)

PE staff, teachers and parents run teams who practice after school and compete weekly in the BSSA sports.

NOTE: PE Kit, appropriate footwear, hats and sun block (for outdoor lessons) are compulsory for all lessons. Our PE kits represent the four houses at Green School: Fire (orange), Earth(Maroon), Water (blue) and Air (yellow)

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