Curriculum: High School: Grades 9 – 12

Upper Secondary

At Green School, our High School curriculum includes everything we do both in an outside of the classroom.  Our perspective on education, reflected in our curriculum, is that we are not filling a bucket, but rather lighting a fire. No school can possibly teach everything that there is to be learned. Thus, we endeavor to teach students to “learn how to learn” and most importantly to love learning as a passionate pursuit in and of itself.

Course Modules and Distinctive Program Features:
Our curriculum and programs emphasize intellectual and personal growth.  We celebrate each student’s post-graduation choices equally and work hard to ensure that their academic course work and special programs support their choices.  The centerpiece of this program is a system of Individualized Learning Plans (ILP) which allows students and their learning teams to understand each student’s academic needs, reflect on those needs regularly, and encourage the students to take responsibility for their own education and life beyond High School.  It gives students credit and support for their core strengths and encourages them to develop new ones, inside and outside the classroom.

Our curriculum focuses on a deep connection with the environment, arts, entrepreneurship, and experiential learning (out of the classroom as much as possible). That is not to say that more traditional teaching methods and resources have no place in our classrooms but rather that we believe that students learn more and retain information better if they live the learning process.

The two primary features of the high school program are the Enrichment Wednesdays and the block system that provides a timetable structure for our courses. Every Wednesday for the entire academic year is dedicated to an integrated learning environment with all High School students and teachers participating together to complete a wide variety of projects.  The focus of these Wednesdays is on team work, problem solving, and experiential learning.  Our regular courses are called modules and are offered in six-week long blocks.  Students choose, with advisor assistance, a new set of courses every six weeks with the exception of specific core subject courses which require year-long enrollment.   All courses offered at Green School are carefully and collaboratively planned and rigorously implemented to ensure the highest quality of education possible.

Electives and Self-Directed Courses:
Yearly offerings are expanded through the use of guided self-study options with tutor support, internships with mentor support, online courses with mentor support, and a set of expansive elective course offerings that rotate regularly to encourage exposure to new subjects.

Green Stone Project:
The Green Stone Project is a year-long capstone experience required of every Green School graduate.  Each student will be guided through the phases of this project, which will culminate in a 13 minute presentation, in the spirit of TED Talks, at a conference in their final High School year (Grade 12).  Students are encouraged to select a project that builds on a previous green school course, service project, or personal passion.  This capstone project requires each student to take a specific interest or experience to a very high level of understanding by researching, planning, implementing, presenting, and reflecting.

High school portfolio project (e-Portfolio):
As a graduation requirement each Green School High School student will design and create an online portfolio, showcasing a variety of personal achievements and talents.  It is intended to be a personalized summary of each student’s time at Green School.  Each portfolio will be individual, reflecting students’ personalities and talents.

Terima Kasih:
Thank you for considering Green School for your high school experience.  We understand the commitment and trust you are putting in us and our staff by choosing our High School, and we in turn work hard to provide you with an engaging and distinctive learning environment.  For further information on the High School program, please open this document: High-School-Curriculum-Overview

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