Curriculum: Creative Arts Curriculum


Green School’s Creative Arts Curriculum is very much influenced by our geographical location, and the very rich cultural and artistic features that abound in celebrations and festivals, and as a part of every day customary life on the Island of Gods.

There are certain common strands which run through every age group at Green School, with their level of sophistication growing as students mature.

In the Visual Arts and Crafts

  • Drawing and Painting – developing the use of paints and inks from natural materials on the site;
  • Paper Making and Decorating – developing the preparation of paper from natural vegetation on site, and manufacturing it into useful products (cards, wrapping paper, etc.);
  • Batik – developing the use of natural dyes from vegetation on site;
  • Puppetry – puppet making in the traditions of Bali;
  • Ceramics – developing the use of clay that we find on site; firing work in a bamboo sawdust-fired kiln.

In the Performing Arts

  • The Art of Story Telling;
  • Improvisations;
  • Mime;
  • Creative play making and acting;
  • Movement and Dance;
  • Puppetry;
  • Performance skills.

In Music

  • The development of the sense of rhythm through percussion;
  • A range of percussion development from simple drumming to gamelan and marimba;
  • Singing and choral work linked to percussion;
  • Movement and Dance.


  • Culinary arts
  • Yoga

Whenever the opportunity arises to link together strands of the Creative Arts Curriculum, this is taken – particularly when it comes to being able to celebrate through exhibitions and performance.

We believe that when students are provided with opportunities for performance (no matter how simple that is in early stages), a certain level of confidence develops as students mature into young adults.

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