Times of Malta

15th July 2014

The sustainable school in Bali Read on...


Une Autre Ecole

15th July 2014

Une Autre Ecole - Si Vincent Peillon ne fait plus partie du gouvernement Valls, sa reforme sur les rythmes scolaires est malheureusement et sans doute pour longtemps en place. Read on...


Visjon, Norway´s biggest holistic magazine

7th July 2014

Green School på den indonesiske øya Bali er en internasjonal skole som i !"#! mottok prisen «verdens grønneste skole». Read on...


Eco News Network

6th June 2014

Opened to its first ninety-eight students in 2008, the Green School in Bali, Indonesia, is built almost entirely of bamboo and powered by solar panels and a water vortex turbine. Read on...


The bamboo homes of Bali

20th May 2014

On the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia, there are homes tucked into the jungle that look like something out of a fairytale. Read on...


NET12 – Green School

14th May 2014

Green School Read on...


MetroTV – Sekolah Paling Hijau di Dunia

14th May 2014

360, Greenest Student on Earth Read on...


National Geographic Channel Asia 60 seconds feature

14th May 2014

National Geographic Channel Asia 60 seconds feature Read on...


Natural Homes

8th January 2014

Green School is home to some wonderfully organic shapes all made from bamboo. Above left is the bamboo bridge that crosses the Ayung River Read on...

My life on board

Surfing for P.E. at the Green School in Bali

6th December 2013

What if your life as a student was something like this? You’re up at 5 in the morning to tend to the vegetables. And on your way to the tomato patches Read on...