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Weekly Newsletter 28 January 2016

29th January 2016

Ending January with a Good News from Bye Bye Plastic Bags! Read on...


Green School Weekly News: Jan 21 2016 Issue

21st January 2016

Green School Season of Procreation, Sharing, and Giving!     Read on...

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Weekly Newsletter 14 January 2016

15th January 2016

First Week of School and lots Going on already! Read on...


Weekly Newsletter 07 January 2016

8th January 2016

Welcome (Back) and Happy New Year! Read on...


Weekly Newsletter 18 December 2015

18th December 2015

Online Version Available Here Read on...


Weekly Newsletter 10 Dec 2015

11th December 2015

  From Paris with Love from commsgreenschool  Online Version Available   Read on...


Weekly Newsletter 03 December 2015

4th December 2015

  Look out for our young entrepreneurs corner at Bamboopalooza tomorrow! from commsgreenschool PDF Version Available Here Read on...


Weekly Newsletter 26 November 2015

27th November 2015

National Teachers day, Saraswati & Climate Change March, what a busy week! from commsgreenschool Online Version Available Read on...


Weekly Newsletter 19 November 2015

23rd November 2015

  Farmers Market, High School Theatre, Saraswati, the list goes on from commsgreenschool   Read on...


Weekly Newsletter 12 November 2015

13th November 2015

This week has been deeply nourishing. We saw our first drops of rain soaked up quickly by the parched land. We sang and celebrated each other’s heroicness and kind deeds. And we learned. We learned from each other, from ourselves Read on...