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Weekly Newsletter Mar 26 2015

26th March 2015

Time passes by so quickly here at Green School, can't believe we are already at the end of term 3! Next week is going to be quiet here as our students and families have their mid-semester break Read on...


Weekly Newsletter Mar 19 2015

19th March 2015

What an amazing Green Ogoh-Ogoh Festival we had today! All grades paraded around the Banjar with their own scary (and some cute) green sculptures Read on...


Weekly Newsletter Mar 13 2015

13th March 2015

Nyepi is just around the corner and we are super excited for one of the most fun events happening at Green School next Thursday, The Green Ogoh-Ogoh festival! Our kids will Read on...


Weekly Newsletter Mar 05 2015

5th March 2015

Our second graders had a really fun and meaningful learning session at Green Campearlier this week. A lot of activities ranging from coconut-tree climbing Read on...


Weekly Newsletter Feb 26 2015

26th February 2015

We're so proud to announce that two of our Middle School students, Milan Reznichek and Gede Witsen, have won the Bali Traditional Archery competition in Denpasar. Read on...


Weekly Newsletter Feb 19 2015

19th February 2015

Next Friday you'll get the chance to roll straight out of bed and come to school in your pyjamas! One of our first graders came up with the fun idea to all wear pyjamas to school Read on...


Weekly Newsletter Feb 13 2015

13th February 2015

Green School's Challenge Week just keeps getting better and better. This time, we saw our children shine as they overcame stimulating challenges ranging from sea-kayaking, percussion jamming, mastering Thai massage to performing circus at the assembly. Read on...


Weekly Newsletter Feb 05 2015

7th February 2015

Last week the Bye-Bye Plastic Bag team held their second MoU workshop in order to create a 'One Island/One Voice’ campaign to say ’No’ to plastic bags in Bali. Read on...


Weekly Newsletter Jan 30 2015

31st January 2015

Along with the usual announcements about upcoming events and activities at Green School, one of this week's highlights includes an innovative example of connecting cultural learning to academic subjects. Read on...


Weekly Newsletter Jan 26 2015

26th January 2015

Because of the heavy rain we've had this week, the land became all muddy, lush and verdant. Pak Brett, the Green Studies teacher, decided to use this to his advantage and took the fifth graders down to the rice fields to teach them more about the rice cycle. Read on...