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Bamboo News Dec 2014

1st December 2014

Governor of Bali signs MoU with Bye Bye Plastic Bags Campaign to minimize plastic bags on Bali. Yet another Memorandum Of Understanding linked to Green School kids to clean up our world Read on...


Bamboo News Oct 2014

8th August 2014

Look at our local scholar now! Gika Savitri stays close to her culture and does her old school proud by becoming the 2014 face of TEDx Ubud with her passion for Balinese dance. Read on...


Bamboo News Aug 2014

5th August 2014

Green School Graduates are sent out into the world by one of the most inspirational environmental leaders of our time. Hear what she says about her time at Green School and click on this story for a full expose of our 2014 graduation Read on...


Bamboo News May 2014

14th May 2014

In Bali your morning ritual can be quite eventful. I'm not sure if there are many places where a walk on the beach can involve cutting through a 5 star hotel/ water park to get to an ATM in order to buy a coffee to then be approached by a local on a bike asking Read on...


Bamboo News Mar 2014

21st March 2014

This month Bamboo News wants us to take responsibility. Responsibility for ourselves, for our children and for the planet on which we live. Read on...


Bamboo News Feb 2014

21st February 2014

Please enjoy the stories from this month's Bamboo News. Green School is an amazing place where incredible minds join together to share innovation and passion. In this edition... Read on...

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Bamboo News Dec 2013

10th December 2013

As I look into the future I see many things that make me happy. I have met a number of people who have come to the school because they saw my TEDtalk, My Green School Dream Read on...


Bamboo News Nov 2013

5th November 2013

Last month I found myself flying through the air and landing abruptly on the roadside after my bicycle wheel hit a nasty hole in the road Read on...


Bamboo News Oct 2013

7th October 2013

As many of you know, I've lived through a great deal over the years. The coconut that fell on me during a hike last year tried to get me, and many other things have tried to quell me Read on...


Bamboo News Sep 2013

10th September 2013

I was very happy to stand up for the 6th time and welcome new families to Green School. Someone remarked that there were as many new families as we had total families 3 years ago. Read on...