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Are you committed to living sustainably? Do you want to be part of a vibrant team where students are working with one another in a caring environment to engage with community tasks after school hours?

If yes, you will love the Green School’s Boarding Program!

Here at Student Village, you will learn by doing, by putting your hands to work together, encouraging self-understanding, creativity and integrity in a safe, non-competitive environment.

Join students from around the world to be a part of this incredible international community. You will make friends from around the globe!

It is our priority to provide unique opportunities to take part in conservational and social projects, such as Bye Bye Plastic Bag, Kul Kul Connection, Kembali, MEI, Eco Bali, Begawan Foundation and others. You will grow from our local Balinese connections in a way unique to Green School.

Life in Student Village includes gardening, bamboo buildings and maintenance, community work, and also joy experiences like mountain bike rides, trekking adventures, snorkelling, beach days, bonfires with music, surf trips and Balinese rituals.

All in all, our primary intention is to be a home that inspires and nurtures students to grow up happier with the intent of cultivating awareness, wisdom and self-knowledge.

Come and join us to make this planet a better one.


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2015-16 Fee Schedule

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*Our program is open for students enrolled at Green School.

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