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by wirya - 1st Mar 2013 from Latest News Newsletter

“It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.”
Harvey S. Firestone

It’s been another busy week at Green School, and it isn’t over yet! We’re just minutes away from the Middle School assembly and then the Green School Community Association pool party over at the Green Village. At the assembly we’re expecting a big announcement from Green School Global. And March and April, as you’ll see below, are full of a variety of interesting and exciting events here. The media coverage goes on as people from all over the world continue to be inspired by what we are trying to do here. We hope you enjoy the newsletter. Thanks for reading!

In this issue:

Green School News

1. Greenest Student on Earth!
2. GS Middle School Takes Jakarta
3. Soto Ayam for the Soul?
4. Nyepi Holiday extended through Wednesday, 13 March
5. Casey Jones, You’d Better Watch Your Speed
6. SPORTS Update from Pak Colin

Upcoming Events

1. Friday Assembly Schedule, March 8 & March 15
3. Volunteers needed for GS Booth at Bali Spirit Festival
4. High School Social Enterprise Concert: Achyuth and the Gypsy Cavemen at Jazz Cafe in Ubud, Friday, 15 March @ 7:30 PM
5. April 5 Quiz Night and Three-Course Dinner in HOS Supporting High School Trip

Ongoing Events

1. Green School After-school Activities: March 4 through April 26
2. Kul Kul Connection: Wednesday, 6 March @ 5:30 PM

Green School Media & Other Links

1. Visual Arts at GS in the News
2. Ecotecture Article
3. Email of the week
4. World Book Day
5. Hackschooling?

Also in the Green School Community (and beyond)…

1. Hubud is opening!
2. Our own weekly news

Green School News

Greenest Student on Earth!

Those of you who were at the assembly this afternoon heard a very exciting announcement about the ‘Greenest Student on Earth’ Scholarship Competition which will open for entries on Tuesday, March 5th.

There will be 3 winners of the competition, one from each level – primary, middle, and high school, who will receive a one-year Green School scholarship. Exceptional young people who are working on environmental projects in their local communities are encouraged to apply, including current Green School students and those who have already applied for admission for 2013-2014. More details will be available on the Green School website on March 5.

GS Middle School Takes Jakarta

Pak Glenn and Pak Noan took a group of students to a conference in Jakarta last week; below Pak Noan updates us on what they got up to:

Last weekend, five middle schoolers represented Green School at GINDO (Global Issues Network Indonesia); it was the first time we have attended the gathering. Over the two days of the conference, Grade 6 students Gede and James, as well as Grade 8 students Luke, Natasha and Clover connected with students from as far east as Papua. The conference was held in SinarMas World Academy (SWA), an international school in Jakarta that was founded the same year as Green School. During the first day, our representatives were divided up and put into “passion groups” and set loose through Jakarta. Some went to orphanages to experience projects helping parentless kids. Others went to mangroves to aid in their restoration. And some stayed back at SWA to work on creative garbage building projects. The highlight of the day was surely the new connections that students and teachers alike made, giving a chance to discuss great ideas our schools explore.

The next day had our students sharing their service learning experiences with other schools, and ended in a fair where our students presented on two projects close to our hearts: the Ayung River and the Bali Starlings. While most groups from Jakarta were engaging in social justice issues (poverty reduction, education, and women’s rights), our students were among the few who focused on environmental issues. Go figure… I guess we are living up to our Green School name!

Soto Ayam for the Soul?

Ibu Meidy informs us that best-selling author Jack Canfield has very generously donated several books from his “Chicken Soup” series to the GS library. We have a limited number of copies, so come and check them out (literally and figuratively!) soon. These inspirational works are aimed mostly at teens.

Nyepi Holiday extended through Wednesday, 13 March

Everyone should have received an email already on this topic, but just in case: Nyepi is now a five day weekend, with no school on Wednesday, March 13. Mark your calendars and enjoy the silence…

Casey Jones, You’d Better Watch Your Speed

Apparently local residents have been complaining to the police about cars driving too fast down the road from Gerih Road (northern access to the west side of the campus– the way most people come from Ubud).

Please drive safely or ask your driver to do the same. One way around this if you are coming from the Ubud area is to enter the school from the Sibang Kaja side and walk across the bridge.

As those of you who are already doing so can attest, it’s a beautiful way to start (and end) the day!

SPORTS Update from Pak Colin

BSSA Basketball Update:

It was a great week of basketball for Green School this week!

The 11/12 boys team are through to the semi- finals, so far unbeaten this season!

The 9/10s played 2 great games against SIS at home, also unbeaten this season and showing some good skill! Well done to Coach Peter and the Bamboo Shoots!

Our 15/O boys team continued their preparation for the BSSA tournament with another great game against the U/19 Balinese team.

Also well done to our 13/14 boys and girls for good performances this week!

Schedule for the last week of round robin competition:

Wednesday 6 March
3.00pm: 9/10 mixed v Dyat at Dyatmika
3.00pm: 11/12 boys v Dyat 1 and 2 at Dyat
3.00pm: 13/14 girls v BIS 1 and 2 at BIS

Senior tournament: Thursday 21 March, 1pm at BIS

BSSA Swimming:
On Monday 18 March, I’ll be taking 4 Green School swimmers to the annual BSSA swim meet at BIS. If there are any junior swimmers who’d like to attend, please contact me at colin.kuit@greenschool.org

Many thanks
Pak Colin

Upcoming Events

Friday Assembly Schedule, March 8 & March 15

My hopes are very high for this afternoon’s Middle School Assembly, and we have equally promising looking programs for the next two weeks as well. As always, all parents, relatives and friends are invited!

March 8: Nyepi Assembly, gym, 2:15 start time. Please wear your finest ceremony clothes for what is always one of the highlights of the year as we celebrate Balinese culture in special Green School style. The Early Years and Primary students will be putting on an ogoh-ogoh parade, Kecak dance, and we’ve invited our friends from SMP 3 to come and the play the gamelan. Plus much, much more!

March 15: Middle and High School music assembly, Mepantigan,  2:30pm featuring High School compositions, MS Marimba & Drumming and Grade 5 Marimba.

Come one, come all!


The 10th grade class is organizing weekly student and parent movies as a fundraiser for the High School trip to Java. We are asking for your support in raising the 10 million IDR that we need for the trip.  The movies will run every Thursday until March 21st, from 3:30 till 5:00 pm at Green School.  Drop your children off at the Mepantigan for an age appropriate Pixar or Disney movie and then you can head up to the Roddick room in the Heart of School for the parent movie.

The 10th grade class will take care of your children while you enjoy a little adult time!!  Admission is 30,000 for students and 50,000 for adults.  Free popcorn will be provided.   Hope to see you at the movies!

Volunteers needed for GS Booth at Bali Spirit Festival

The Bali Spirit Festival is coming up at the end of this month, from 20-24 March. Groovy people from all over the world will be descending on Ubud for four days of yoga, music, and dance.

This is always a great event, and this year GS will be represented with a booth there. If you would like to help create a Green School booth for the Bali Spirit Festival, please contact Kaia: kaia.roman@greenschool.org

High School Social Enterprise Concert: Achyuth and the Gypsy Cavemen at Jazz Cafe in Ubud, Friday, 15 March @ 7:30 PM

Just a reminder that tickets are now on sale for this event at the Welcome Desk in HOS. It should be a great night so please show up to support Achyuth and a very good cause!

April 5 Quiz Night and Three-Course Dinner in HOS Supporting High School Trip

Another reminder about yet another fun event…

Ongoing Events

Green School After-school Activities: March 4 through April 26

Here’s another look at our upcoming series of after-school programs. These start on Monday. Please encourage your children to participate!

Library: Ibu Meidy
Mepantigan (Bali Budaya program): Pak Putu, cost Rp. 350,000 for 7-week session; meet at table near Mepantigan pit
Brazilian Soccer: Pak Eduardo (see below for information)

Computer Lab: Pak Jerry
Library: Ibu Meidy
Graphic Design/Animation: Pak Noan and Ibu Stacey; Computer Lab
Brazilian Soccer: Pak Eduardo (see below for information)
Balinese Woodcarving: Pak Ketut, cost Rp. 50,000 per class; Meranggi bale
Aikido: Rasa, cost Rp. 70,000 per lesson (Rp. 30,000 Indonesian students); Yoga Studio

Computer Lab: Ibu Yulie
Library: Ibu Meidy
Cabaret/Green School Groovers: Ibu Sarita/Ibu Anna/Ibu Emily; Mepantigan
Croquet/Gateball (Bali Budaya program): Pak Putu, cost Rp. 350,000 for 7-week session; field
Aikido: Rasa, cost Rp. 70,000 per lesson (Rp. 30,000 Indonesian students); Yoga Studio
Ping Pong: Pak David/Pak Tim; HOS, first floor

Computer Lab: Ibu Kate
Library: Ibu Meidy
Math Help: Pak Steve; HOS, high school area
Ultimate Frisbee: Ibu Mary/Pak Matt; field
Story Hour: Pak Joel; Grade 1A classroom in “The Cave”

Guitar lessons are also being offered by Pak Paul Davidson. Private lessons on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:15pm and beginner group class on Fridays at 3:15. Contact Pak Paul at paul.davidson@greenschool.org for more information.

Brazilian soccer is being offered by Pak Eduardo. The next set of lessons runs from 3:30pm to 4:45pm on Mondays and Tuesdays from April 8. You can pay for a ten-lesson packet for Rp. 750,000. Drop-in price is Rp. 90,000 per lesson. Pay in advance at the welcome desk or directly to Pak Eduardo before or after (not during) practice, please.

Kul Kul Connection: Wednesday, 6 March @ 5:30 PM

Here’s the latest from Pak Tim on the Kul Kul Connection.

Thank you to all who attended on Wednesday.  It’s exciting to see progress by way of student involvement, dates being set, and some great new ideas for community engagement.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6th at 5:30pm, immediately following our language exchange at SMP3.  Among the projects we are discussing: English/Indonesian language exchange, joint after-school activities, free English language training for Sibang residents, cultural exchange through music, joint celebration of World Water Day (21 March), planting project, village clean-up

Green School Media & Other Links

Visual Arts at GS in the News

Here’s a lovely article by Ibu Margot that was just published in a widely-read Australian art magazine:


Ecotecture Article

We just received this from Aran Baker, an American designer who did some volunteering for GS last year and along the way wrote an article:


Email of the week

Here’s another look at the kind of impact this place (and your children) have on visitors who come through:

“Dear Ben,

I’II came on a tour of Green School last week and just got back to the States. I wanted to thank you again for letting us come to your amazing school! I am still incredibly inspired by the profound work that is being done, and would love to be involved in some way in the future. In the meantime, I am spreading the word about the school, and hoping it will inspire the people in my life as much as it inspired me!!

Thanks again, and keep up the awesome work!


World Book Day

GS parent and best-selling author Sarah Alderson tips us off on World Book Day:

I though the GS community might want to know about all the fabulous free stuff going on for World Book Day. http://www.worldbookday.com/books/young-adult-stories/

There’s a free app you can download from the itunes store with stories from Patrick Ness, Will Hill and Chris Ryan (and even me!). There are lots of other freebies and competitions.

Though it’s a UK site there’s lots on there including tips from top authors and illustrators about storytelling.


Ibu Nikki sent along this video of a 13 year-old’s TedxTalk. Very interesting, and a very confident young man!

Also in the Green School Community (and beyond)…

Hubud set to Open!

At long last, Hubud, Ubud’s premier  (and only) co-working space, is ready to open its doors. Co-founders and GS parents John Alderson, Steve Munroe, and Peter Wall fill us in:

Greetings Hubudians,

Hubud, Bali’s first coworking space, is excited to announce (drum roll please) our ‘soft’ opening, this coming Monday, March 4th.

You can see prices, location, and other info on our website – now live at Hubud.org.

Events for our first week are listed below – starting with a welcome breakfast on Monday at 8:30am!

Looking forward to connecting soon!

Peter, John, and Steve
The Hubud Team


Our own weekly news

To submit your own news updates for inclusion, please send it to communications@greenschool.org by 12 noon each Wednesday.We cannot always guarantee inclusion and we may have to delay for a week at times.

Visit the Green School Website: http://www.greenschool.org

Visit the Green School Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/greenschool

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