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As part of their Fishers and Gardeners thematic unit Grade 3B went fishing on the Ayung River this morning. Wind down after a tough morning of angling they went for a swim in the spring fed "Swimming Pool" alongside the river. Still no word on how many fish they caught!

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”
Malcolm Forbes

This week saw the wet season return with a vengeance (although this morning I thought I could see something unusual in the sky– it vaguely resembled the sun!), but like the US post office, neither wind nor rain nor sleet nor snow gets in the way of student-centered, sustainability-based learning here at Green School. This edition of the newsletter features some inspiring examples of this from Grades 5-8, plus a list at a number of exciting student-led events upcoming in March and April. Everyone is invited to an after-school pool party through the Green School Community Association next Friday, March 1– if you haven’t seen the jaw-dropping bamboo houses in Green Village yet, here’s your chance (oh, and on the way maybe get to know some people and learn about all of the great projects that need community support here). We’re about to start a new slate of after-school programs. Thanks for taking the time to read the newsletter. We always welcome your feedback and comments: communications@greenschol.org.

Selamat akhir pekan! (Happy weekend…)

In this issue:

1. Middle School Global Awareness Video Projects & Assembly Next Week
2. Grade 5 Enterprise: The Chickens (or the Eggs?)
3. Kul Kul Connection: Learn Bahasa Indonesia (and Exchange Some English)!
4. Pak Alan Speaks
5. Green School Community Association (GSCA) Pool Party at Green Village
6. Admissions Open Houses: Fridays, 1 & 15 March; 5 April, 11:00 AM-2:00 PM
7. High School Social Enterprise Concert: Achyuth and the Gypsy Cavemen at Jazz Cafe
8. High School Events in April
9. 2nd Annual Green School Cabaret!! Evening of April 19
10. Green School: Big in Taiwan
11. Illuminaries
12. Email of the Week
13. Healthy Living
14. Dinner on the Bridge: March 9, 7:00 PM
15. Slow Food Bali: Biku Story of Tea
16. BSSA Basketball Update
17. Our own weekly news

Green School News

Middle School Global Awareness Video Projects & Assembly Next Week (Friday, March 1 @ 2:30 PM)

On his way to the airport with a group of students who will be participating in a conference in Jakarta this weekend, Pak Glenn was good enough to share some of the recent video projects by his Middle School Global Awareness classes as well as update us on what should be a great assembly next week. As always, all parents (and friends) are invited to attend. Meanwhile, the videos are powerful evidence of integrated learning in action at Green School: social advocacy, digital media, environmental issues, and the creative arts. Nice work Pak Glenn and Middle School students!

The Palm Oil commercials stemmed from a town hall discussion/debate in class that determined consumers are the most important stakeholder in the deforestation for palm oil debacle.  We talked about how consumers can make a difference  and engaged in a letter-writing campaign to stores to ask them to only stock Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified products and produced these commercials to raise consumer awareness:

Beauty and Palm Oil :

Krispy Kreme and Palm Oil :


Pop Mie and Palm Oil :

Hair Care and Palm Oil :

The GS-Begawan video was a product of a Bali Starling Thematic unit and will be used this weekend as three grade 8 students showcase their work with the starlings at Global Issues Network Indonesia:

Two grade 6 students will also attend the conference and showcase their movie and song about the Ayung

The song, co-recorded with SMP 3 will debut at next week’s assembly to promote Clean Bali Now’s campaign.

Next week’s assembly:

  • Radio debut of song
  • Grade 6 performs a traditional Paupan Dance
  • Grade 7 presents medicinal plants work
  • Grade 8 will introduce their Palm Oil commercials
  • The GINDO kids will re-cap their experience from this weekend’s conference

Grade 5 Enterprise: The Chickens (or the Eggs?)

Ibu Eva updates us on a very creative Grade 5 enterprise project:

Grade 5 have been taking care of our school chickens and selling the eggs on some Friday afternoons (when the chickens lay enough!). The money raised from this is to be donated to the Green School scholarship fund. It has been the main enterprise project of Grade 5 this year.

Inspired by Pak Noan’s idea, Grade 5 are extending this project by designing Chickemon cards that will be for sale. They are still in the process of creating and getting these cards printed, but keep an eye out for more information soon and here is a little teaser to whet your appetites.

A big thank you to Pak Noan for leading this project!

Green School After-school Activities: March 4 through April 26 (No After-schools next week!)

There will be no after-school activities program next week (February 25 to March 1), EXCEPT for Pak Eduardo’s Brazilian soccer. Please arrange to collect your children by 3:45pm. But we have a new (and in some cases continuing) lineup of fun and engaging activities awaits your children beginning on March 4.

Library: Ibu Meidy
Mepantigan (Bali Budaya program): Pak Putu, cost Rp. 350,000 for 7-week session; meet at table near Mepantigan pit
Brazilian Soccer: Pak Eduardo (see below for information)

Computer Lab: Pak Jerry
Library: Ibu Meidy
Graphic Design/Animation: Pak Noan, Ibu Stacey; Computer Lab
Brazilian Soccer: Pak Eduardo (see below for information)
Balinese Woodcarving: Pak Ketut, cost Rp. 50,000 per class; Meranggi bale
Aikido: Rasa, cost Rp. 70,000 per class (Rp. 30,000 for Indonesian students); Yoga Studio

Computer Lab: Ibu Yulie
Library: Ibu Meidy
Mulan Chorus: Ibu Sarita/Ibu Anna; Mepantigan (STARTING March 19!)
Croquet/Gateball (Bali Budaya program): Pak Putu, cost Rp. 350,000 for 7-week session; field
Aikido: Rasa, cost Rp. 70,000 per class (Rp. 30,000 for Indonesian students); Yoga Studio
Ping Pong: David Porteus, Heart of School

Computer Lab: Ibu Kate
Library: Ibu Meidy
Math Help (Grade 9 & up): Pak Steve; HOS, high school area
Ultimate Frisbee (Grade 6 & up): Ibu Mary/Pak Matt; field
Story Hour: Pak Joel; Grade 1A classroom in “The Cave”

Guitar lessons are also being offered by Pak Paul Davidson. Private lessons on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:15pm and beginner group class on Fridays at 3:15. Contact Pak Paul at paul.davidson@greenschool.org for more information.

Brazilian soccer is being offered by Pak Eduardo. The next set of lessons runs from 3:30pm to 4:45pm on Mondays and Tuesdays from April 8. You can pay for a ten-lesson packet for Rp. 750,000. Drop-in price is Rp. 90,000 per lesson. Pay in advance at the welcome desk or directly to Pak Eduardo before or after (not during) practice, please.

Ongoing Events

Kul Kul Connection: Learn Bahasa Indonesia (and Exchange Some English)!

The Kul Kul Connection continues to come up with inspired initiatives for creating closer ties and more understanding between Green School and our Balinese neighbors. Pak Noan explains their latest and greatest project:

Being in Indonesia and not speaking Indonesian poses many difficulties, and limits our chances to make new friends and get involved more deeply in our communities. Many people here at Green School would surely love to learn Indonesian, but don’t have the opportunity to take classes that encourage communication. The Kul Kul Connection has been thinking of you though! We have teamed up with some of the local schools to do a language exchange on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM. With Ibu Ida, our Middle school Bahasa Indonesia teacher taking the lead, the one hour meetings will focus entirely on communication. First, 1/2 an hour of English will be used to dialogue with teachers and members of Sibang Kaja. Then, we will switch to Indonesian for the second half. Ida will provide prompts to keep the conversation flowing, and together we can learn more about our neighbours and the language of the country we live in. Email ida.rahayu@greenschool.org for more details.

Pak Alan Speaks

As a reminder, Pak Alan’s schedule of Tuesday and Thursday afternoon talks to the the GS community on various aspects of student-centered learning continues.

Please see below. Parents, teachers and friends are welcome to attend. The talks will be held in the Merangi Bale (near the Art Atrium). Please spread the word!

Tuesday, 26 February
Why Thematic Lessons?

Thursday, 28 February
The Holarchy of Consciousness – The Order of Thought Development

Green School Community Association (GSCA) Pool Party at Green Village: Potluck! Fun! Friday, 1 March at 4:00 PM

Next Friday, March 1, at 3:30 pm (following the assembly), meet at the Warung/Living Food Lab to walk en masse to Green Village. Parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends of Green School all are invited! Meet at the pool in Green Village at 4:00.

Bring a bathing suit and towel. Bring a dish to share, and Living Food Lab will also be on site with food and drinks for sale. Come connect with our wonderful community and get involved with the GSCA. http://community.greenschool.org/

Admissions Open Houses: Fridays, 1 & 15 March; 5 April, 11:00 AM-2:00 PM

Just a reminder that next week marks the beginning of our Open House season. Know someone who you think might be interested to learn more about what we are up to here? Feel free to spread the word. RSVPs are required for these events: admissions@greenschool.org

Upcoming Events: Mark Your Calendars!

High School Social Enterprise Concert: Achyuth and the Gypsy Cavemen at Jazz Cafe in Ubud, Friday, 15 March @ 7:30 PM

Listen to great music, contribute to Greening the Island of the Gods, enjoy good food and drinks, and ultimately have an awesome time! Let music unite us on this magical night showcasing performances by renowned funk, rock, Latin, soul and afrobeat  band The Gypsy Cavemen feat Green school student Achyuth and his friends at the Jazz Café in Ubud on the 15th of March. Be part of an exclusive audience to support the NGO Paradigm Shift for a cleaner, greener and better Bali!

This event is being managed by Achyuth, a Grade 11 High School student, as part of his Social Enterprise project. The profits raised from the evening will be donated to Paradigm Shift – an NGO who product powerful documentaries to inspire a shift in how we view the world and solve our environmental problems. Achyuth is a passionate musician himself who believes that we can use music to inspire and educate. Tickets will be available from Monday February 25th at the concierge desk. We are asking for a suggested donation of 50,000 rupiah per ticket to support the cost of the event and Paradigm Shift.

WHERE? Jazz Cafe, Ubud
WHEN? March 15th, 7.30pm
COST? 50,000 rupiah suggested donation (purchase from Yani at the concierge desk)

If you have any questions on the event you can contact Achyuth directly at achyuth.jaigopal@student.greenschool.org or his Enterprise teacher Nikki at nikki@greenschool.org.

High School Events in April

April is shaping up to be an epic month for the GS High School. Ibu Nikki gives a preview of some big events the high school is organizing:

April 5 Quiz Night and Three-Course Dinner in HOS Supporting High School Trip

We will be holding a parents-only Quiz Night at 7:30 PM on April 5th. Like the last one (three years ago now!) it will be in the Heart of School and include a sit down dinner. The tickets will be Rp 180,000 per person (including the quiz and a three course meal – vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available, with the meal to be served by our Grade 12 students) if purchased in advanced – Rp. 230,000 on the door. This is incredible value!!! Tables of up to 10 people. All funds are going to the High School trips and tickets will be available starting next week.

We need donations for the silent auction – villa stays, photography sessions, hotel accommodation, restaurant meals, furniture etc. If you are willing to donate something to go into our silent auction please contact Nikki: nikki@greenschool.org

Bring Out Your Tie-Dye! Green School Woodstock Carnival: April 19th – from 3pm

Green School Woodstock Carnival! What else can we say except that this is the sequel to last year’s incredibly successful Hoodoo Gypsy Carnival, another High School Enterprise project. You’ll be hearing much more about this in the coming weeks but for now we need volunteers to help with preparing picnic baskets and helping with painting of banners and helping on the day. Contact Nikki at nikki@greenschool.org

2nd Annual Green School Cabaret!! Evening of April 19

Calling all singers and dancers, actors and clowns, magicians, musicians, storytellers, snake-charmers, acrobats, jugglers, and tricksters….LET’S PUT ON A SHOW!

We are seeking individual acts, group numbers, and ensemble members for the greatest show in Bali: the Green School Cabaret.  The performance will take place after the High School Woodstock Carnival on April 19th (see above) and all proceeds will go towards the High School trips.  Parents, students and faculty are all encouraged to participate.

For primary students interested in being part of the ensemble, please come to after school rehearsals in the Mepantigan on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 beginning next week.  Green School Groovers and Cabaret ensemble performers will now be one and the same and should all come to these rehearsals.

For individual acts or group numbers, please contact Ibu Sarita, Ibu Anna, or Ibu Tini.  Acts will need to be reviewed at least 3 times prior to the show by one of these mentors.

If you are a parent, Middle School or High School student interested in being PART OF THE LIVE BAND, please contact Sarita: sarita@greenschool .org.


Green School Media & Other Links

Green School: Big in Taiwan

We recently had a visit from TVSB, a national TV company in Taiwan, who accompanied a group of Taipei students on a Green Camp program here. They broadcast two separate pieces on Green Camp and Green School, which can be seen at the following links. My Mandarin is pretty rusty but other than a bit of griping from the city kids about our toilets, the tone seems to be very positive:

http://goo.gl/FT999 and http://goo.gl/fG8Ps


Pak Andy, our wonderful princi– I mean, student-teacher manager, thought this would be a good link to share. It’s a music video by the Luminaries, who Bali Spirit last year. I hadn’t heard this song before but it sure does have a catchy beat and inspiring lyrics. Thanks Pak Andy!

Email of the Week

We get so many emails from people all over the world who find out about Green School Bali. In many cases they are even inspired to take action. Here’s the best one we got this week, all the way from Brighton, England:

Dear Green School,

My year 9 class saw the TED talk on your school. It inspired them to redesign our school as a green school. They were so impressed with what you are doing they all want to come and work at green school when they leave. They think a school exchange would be amazing, even though we are quite a green school we think you would be able to help us improve!

My class would like to wish you well in all your future ventures.

Kindest regards,
Ilona and 9s/sc2d
Dorothy Stringer School, Brighton, UK

Also in the Green School Community (and beyond)…

Healthy Living

GS parent continues his occasional series on the keys to staying (or getting) healthy on the Island of the Gods

Recovering from Injuries with Chinese Medicine

Since I have been living on Bali I have seen more and more people in the clinic and just out on the street walking or hobbling around with injuries.  Many times they come from motor bike accidents or stepping on the dreaded uneven pavement or doing physical activities (yoga injuries are the most common here in Ubud).  Fortunately, we have some great remedies to alleviate these common issues.

For musculoskeletal trauma such as sprains, contusions tendon and bone damage there is a liniment called Po Sum On.  You can purchase at Bali Buddha for about rp 70,000. It contains a variety of Chinese herbs as well as camphor and menthol for a spicy aroma.  All you have to do is, as the name implies, pour some on and massage it in for a few minutes.  Reapply 2-3 times per day. I like this one for lung congestion and nasal as well.  Just rub into the skin on your chest and back and inhale the vapor from your finger tips.  Careful not to touch your eyes, private parts or open wounds!  If skin irritation develops, stop use and apply some fresh aloe vera gel.

For open wounds there is a powder called Yunan Bai Yao.  This formula dramatically speeds wound healing. In fact, the Chinese army carries this powder with them into the field.  Price varies depending on the packaging.  I have only seen this one at the Chinese herb shop.

Another great one for open wound healing is Manuka Honey.  Quality can vary so do your research.  You can buy this at Down to Earth for anywhere from rp. 280,000 to 400,000.  Its expensive but a little goes a long way and it has a tremendous shelf life.  Added benefit, it tastes GOOD!

Clean the wound well with betadine and put either of these latter 2 on the legion then cover with sterile gauze.

To your healing!

Craig Rigsby is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist from California.  He can be reached at Alchemy Holistic Clinic in Ubud(upstairs from the restaurant).
Ph# 0361 971 902 email: craigrigsby@gmail.com

Dinner on the Bridge: March 9, 7:00 PM

The geniuses at the Living Food Lab and the Green Warung have combined forces (rawies and cookies, unite!) to present an unforgettably memorable dinner on the Millenium Bridge on the evening of March 9. Details can be seen in the flyer below.


Slow Food Bali: Biku Story of Tea

Another high quality event from the good people at Slow Food Bali, this one focusing on tea:


BSSA Basketball Update

Well done to the 11/12 and 13/14 boys teams for their wins at home this week! Always nice to play at Green School and thanks to those parents who came and supported the games!

Our “Bamboo Shoots” 9/10s team is playing some great basketball and next week is their turn to play at Green School!

Here is the schedule for the coming week:

Wednesday 27 February
3.00pm: 9/10s v SIS 1 and 2 at GREEN
3.00pm: 11/12 boys v BIS 1 and 2 at BIS
3.00pm: 13/14 girls v Dyat 1 and 2 at Dyatmika
3.00pm: 13/14 boys v SLK at SLK

Buses leave GS 2pm sharp and a reminder to let coaches know if you’ll be collecting your child(ren) from the match venue.


Pak Colin

Our own weekly news

To submit your own news updates for inclusion, please send it to communications@greenschool.org by 12 noon each Wednesday.We cannot always guarantee inclusion and we may have to delay for a week at times.

Visit the Green School Website: http://www.greenschool.org

Visit the Green School Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/greenschool

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  1. My name is Karla Held and I’m a photography, art, Spanish, English and social studies teacher interested to work with the Green School. I am fluent in French and Spanish and have taught abroad for over 5 years.

    I am also a raft and kayak guide and and would be interested to lead outdoor activities with the Green School students.

    I have over 10 years of teaching experience and know I would be a great match for the Green School. I have sent my resume to various people at the Green School but have not gotten a response. I live here in Bali and would appreciate a chance to talk to some one personally at the Green School.
    I can be contacted at
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    Thank you for sending this information to the correct people.

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