John Hardy’s TEDx Taipei

by wirya - 28th Nov 2012 from featured videos

This fall, Green School’s co-founder, John Hardy, spoke at TEDx Taipei – The Future is Now conference.  John was among speakers from around the world talking about new business models and lifestyle in environmental awareness as well as culture, education and technology

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Comments (2)

  1. Jean Hong

    I would like to visit your fantastic school. I could feel the revolutionary happening in on God’ plans.

    A mountain tribe in SABAH Kota Kinabalu has given me a beautiful piece of land. I would like you to inspire us in Sabah. Your bessings from your suffering has blessed all those who know about you.

    You Bali has inspired me, but If God Blesses me to survive my cancer I will continue HIS work.

    Love Grandma Jean

  2. I have been thoughtfully observing that what has been emerging in educational practice that would definitely effect school design tomorrow. Your Green School in Bali is the live example of that ‘effect’. I used to think that if ‘technology’ consumes much of the instructional delivery of the future, who or what will assume responsibility for the socialization process that schools have traditionally been hold accountable for? The Green School is the perfect blend of traditional and the most modern teaching/learning strategies; unseen, different, unique, holistic, one with the mother nature and mesmerizing indeed. Congrats!!! I have been in education for the last 20 years, worked in India and Indonesia ( working in Bali now); I have been exploring possibilities to put my daughter Raghvi at Green School. I enjoyed the school tour last year with ‘Tim’ but then my daughter was just 1 year plus. Well, joining this ‘revolution’ is not that simple I know. For Raghvi, I am looking at the year 2016 when she would be 3 years young to join ‘Geckos’.
    Your journey gives me pleasant sensations all over my body and I feel like joining the community as one of the players. I believe that my spirit of adventure needs a ‘different’ school to challenge me. I liked the way you say…..if you are ready to be dirty…..come to Green School. I have a great desire to see you some time soon. I am already in love with Bali….best wishes….