John Hardy: Dreaming green

by wirya - 28th Jun 2012 from featured videos

From bamboo swimming pools to homegrown lunches, every aspect of John Hardy’s Green School strives to be a model of sustainability. But being green isn’t easy, and it doesn’t always work on the first try. Hardy humorously recounts how, step by step, he’s realized his dream of building a green community. Hardy’s efforts are having a ripple effect amongst the local Balinese, as more and more people adopt his mentality of livable sustainability.

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Comments (7)

  1. Fr. Jolly Nadukudiyil,S.J

    Dear John Hardy,
    great innovative passionate love for the Mother Earth and her children .. i too am trying my own little way to educate the children of migrant workers in the lap of mother earth, in Vadodara, India.

    • Chris Thompson

      Dear Jolly,

      Thank you for sharing your dreams of how you are trying to help the world in your part of the world. We hope you will come and visit us here sometime.

      You have a very nice day. chris

  2. I’m the owner andthe principal of Asian grammar school in Sri Lanka where there are 1600 student population. I was amazed by seen the videos and reading about your school. I too have created my school different to all the other schools in Sri Lanka making the children to love the nature. Last year on the students birthdays we gave them a plant as the birthday gift to plant in their home gardens in return they donate a book to the school library. I rally love to visit your school school as a principal .

  3. Salim Harawi

    Going green is the best future for our Grandchildren,so they can live in peace and harmony with Nature.

  4. debra wennett

    Wonderful Wonderful!! My heart truly sings learning of your beautiful school and vision for our children. Blessings to you all!

  5. karin mundinger

    My daughter and her friend are travelling over there…she graduated from Brock High and is in Australia now…but I was wondering about her coming there?? They have been staying in youth hostels…but I think it would be cool to see the green school…do you let visitors come…or stay not sure what she is interested in but I was at your infomation session at Brock High last year and it was very impressive…

    • Communications

      hi Karin,
      Thanks for your comment. Your daughter is welcome to visit the school by joining our General Tours that runs every working days at 4.00. She can book a tour on her preferred day here: Thanks and have a great day!