Green School Weekly Newsletter – 20 Feb 2012

by wirya - 20th Feb 2012 from Latest News

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”.
John F. Kennedy

Below, please find a link to our latest news. We’re hoping for high turnout for this coming Friday’s Green Community Day, featuring a number of events culminating with the Middle School Student Council’s hosting of a documentary film directly after school in the Mepantigan. We’ve got some interesting video links, including one made by a GS student, plus very exciting sports news from the BSSA (Go Green School Geckos!) There are various requests from the high school Green Enterprise program and news about a new Green Shop opening three afternoons a week in the FREAK Warung. We also have the latest musings from the indefatigable Ibu Mona, plus a fond farewell to Pak Stave.

In this issue:

1. This coming Friday, 24 February: Green Community Day
2. BSSA BASKETBALL- Go Green School Geckos!
3. Request for equipment donations from the Primary Student Council
4. Grade 11 Digital Media Project
5. Admissions Alert: 3 weeks left to decision deadline!
6. 2012-2013 School Calendar, hot off the presses!
7. Market Research Request from Grade 11 Green Entrepreneurs
8. Green Shop, Open for Business
9. Request from Grades 9 and 10
10. Bumi Sehat Fundaiser at Waterbom
11. Farewell, Pak Steve!
12. Ibu Mona on Sustainability and Education
13. Our own weekly news

This coming Friday, 24 February: Green Community Day

Somehow, we’ve cycled around again to the last Friday of the month. This means an exciting afternoon of events at Green School is on tap!

12:30-1:25 PM, Mepantigan: Principal’s lunch featuring a talk by Pak Shaun
All parents are welcome to join us for lunch. Pak Andy will front the meeting but this month’s gathering will put the spotlight on Grade 4’s very own Pak Shaun, who will be addressing the following topic:

A Developmental Map of Human Consciousness: How it could be used to create a NEW purpose for schooling.

What is human consciousness and how could it be incorporated into modern schools curricula? This presentation draws together work from several leading theorists on human development and presents a new theoretical model for the existence of schools. It introduces a conversation about how human beings change and the possibility of working towards new reasons and goals for education.

(Please note: if you’d like to attend and plan on buying the GS lunch, try to let us know so that Ibu Kadek and team can prepare enough food.)

1:30- 2:25, Mepantigan: Green Community meeting
All parents are invited to hear updates on the many community projects underway here, and to learn how they can get involved. Please join us!

2:30- 3:15 PM, Mepantigan: Green Community Assembly
Grades 1 and up will attend this week’s assembly during which students from Grades 10 and 11 will discuss the project they are doing with Sacred Childhoods and show a video from their recent field trip.

3:30- 5:00 PM: Green Community Social
The Middle School Student Council will be hosting a showing of the film “Home” during the next Green Community social. We’ll screen the movie and have pop corn and baked goods for sale to benefit the student council and the scholarship fund.

Here’s a link to the site with a trailer:

Here’s a quote from filmmaker Ken Burns: “This is a beautiful film, a visual poem to the most intimate of ideas “home,” where the totality of human experiences, like the imperceptibly added layers of a pearl, combine to create, in this wonderful instance, a gem.”

BSSA BASKETBALL- Go Green School Geckos!

Last week Thursday saw the BSSA 15/0 tournament held at BIS.

Our boys team played very well and won all their round robin matches to secure a place in the final. The final was a very close game with Green School going down to Dyatmika by 1 point!
A fantastic effort by the 15/O boys team.Well done to Laurynas, Michael, Isami, Azhar, Oscar, Alex and Bence!

Our girls team were involved in a 3 way tie after the round robin stages and went through to the final on points scored! In the final they met Dyatmika, the only team they lost to in the round robin stage and also a repeat of last season’s final, which Dyatmika won. Our girls played some of the best basketball I’ve seen them play with our plays and solid defense coming together nicely! With great motivation and fighting spirit they beat Dyatmika convincingly to become BSSA basketball champions for the first time ever in Green School history.
Well done to Ann, Rasa, Pim, Imogen, Kathleen, Leslie and Shea!

Our regular Wednesday matches in the younger age groups saw very close and well played games. Since we’re playing several kids up an age group to make up teams and gain experience, the games were always going to be tough, however the narrow losses show that we’re competing well and will be looking forward to a great season next year!

11/12 boys (some 10 yr olds playing up) SIS 16- Green 9
13/14 girls (some 11 and 12 yr olds playing up) BIS 8 Green 4
13/14 boys Dyat 22 Green 15

Also lots of fun and action in the 9/10 yr old matches at BIS with several 8 yr olds playing up for the learning experience!

This week’s matches: February 22: buses depart GS 2pm, back 5pm

8-10 Mixed vs SIS at SIS
10-12 Boys vs BIS 1+2 at BIS
13/14 Boys- no game
13/14 Girls vs Dyat 1+2 at Dyat

The Improvers team will start training with Dr.Ating on Wednesday this week 3:30-4:30pm
(Ananda,Rae, Bella, Avishi, Nanda, Tiarnan, Adi, Allie)

On Friday 24 February the 15/O boys will play a local basketball team as part of community sports, and the 15/O girls will take on our 13/14 boys team!! All action in the Green School gym at 3.30pm!

Also many thanks to all our basketball coaches Pak Chris M, Pak Matt, Pak Peter, Ibu Brynn, Mary and Angela!

Pak Colin

Request for equipment donations from the Primary Student Council

The Primary Student Council (Grades 1 through 5) is seeking gently used sports equipment such as volley, soccer and basketballs, frisbees, badminton, hula hoops, etc.

Council members see a need for more items to be available to play with for students during the snack and lunch breaks.

Please drop off to Class 4 (Wayan) or Class 2A (Stanley).

Grade 11 Digital Media Project

Green School students receive an education that is grounded in the traditional academic subjects and wrapped in rich layers of environmental, experiential, and entrepreneurial learning, along with the creative arts and community service. We also love our technology! Below is the first in a series of videos we’ll be posting from Grade 11 students, who have been engaged in a digital media project for their e-Portfolio class called “A Day in the Life of a Green School Student”. Thanks to Kathleen Hamilton, who was brave enough to share her work with the world! Along with the video you’ll find a link to Kathleen’s e-portfolio.

Kathleen’s portfolio:

Admissions Alert: 3 weeks left to decision deadline!

Thank you to all of you that responded promptly to last week’s Admissions Alert! For those of you who either haven’t received an email, or missed last week’s newsletter notice, we are now looking ahead to the 2012-2013 academic year and beginning to plan enrolments in all classes from Pre-K-Prep to grade 12. There has been significant interest in several grades, so we would like to request you indicate your intentions to re-enroll your children in order that we might effectively plan for the year ahead.

Therefore, please complete the below online “micro”-form to indicate your enrolment decision for the 2012-2013 academic year. We use the term ‘micro-form’ here to emphasize the quick and easy nature of completing this feedback mechanism – approximately 15 seconds is all that is required.

The deadline for responding is March 16th. If you have indicated a commitment to re-enroll your child/children, we will gladly hold their place(s) for the 2012-2013 academic year. Should you indicate that you will not be re-enrolling your child/children, their place(s) will be released to other students who may be on our waiting lists.

We have an exciting year ahead and we hope to see your family return to our Green School community this August!

Tim Fijal Head of Admissions,
Ami Lestari, Admissions Manager.

Click here to complete re-enrolment commitment form.

2012-2013 School Calendar, hot off the presses!

Green School families planning on returning for another great year of learning this August will be happy to know that our 2012-2013 academic year calendar has been finalized. You’ll find it posted on our website here. So go ahead and start making your travel commitments for the year ahead!

Market Research Request from Grade 11 Green Entrepreneurs

Dear Parents,

Two of our Grade 11 students are working on their business ideas for their enterprise class and are looking for help from parents of Green School. They are currently carrying out market research to look at the viability of their businesses and have prepared a very short survey. We would be grateful if you could take a minute to click on the two links below and complete the survey – there are only a few questions. Thank you so much for your support!

Nikki Macfarlane
Enterprise, High School

Ira: My name is Ira from grade 11. We have a project in one of our subjects called Green Enterprise. In this class we are learning how to set up our own business. My business is called DeKorees and I sell paintings decorated with recycled plastic bottle caps or soda bottle caps.
I am doing market research for my business to find out how my paintings will look like and I would appreciate your help in completing this research. If you have one minute please click on this link and take the survey.
Thank you for your time to fill in the questionnaire. Here is the link:

Rasa: Hello, I’m Rasa from grade 11. I’m doing a market research for Green Enterprise project – setting up a business. My business is a service – martial arts called aikido. My focus is on kids in the age range 5-12. Mostly it is about teaching kids aikido technique and Japanese culture, but together they are being taught self confidence, strength, self control, discipline, coordination and etc.
If you’re a parent of a child in that age range, it would be really helpful, if you do a survey. Here’s the link:

Green Shop, Open for Business

Looking for the perfect Galungan gift or birthday present that says, “I care about you, AND I care about the planet”? Look no further! Green School’s very own Green Shop is now open on a test basis Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday afternoons from 3-4 PM in the FREAK Warung. . As you would expect, items for sale feature recycled and sustainable materials, as well as a socially beneficial component. Currently on offer is Sapu reclaimed rubber, supporting an environmental community arts project in Java, the XS project, supporting work and education for trash picker families in Jakarta, the Re- life project supporting women with HIV here in Bali, and Green School’s own Red feathers and a hula skirt, re-using Bali plastics. As well as all that do gooding, part of the proceeds go directly to the GS scholarship fund.

We would like to develop more GS goods for visitors to take away and spread the love. If you have ideas, products or feed back, please see Kerri Barrie, or write to Thanks in advance for your support!

Request from Grades 9 and 10

On Friday, April 27, Grade 9 and 10 students are holding a Family Fun Day as part of their Enterprise class. If any parents have an accordion or harmonium could you please contact Nikki at to let us know. Thanks!! And please stay tuned for more details about the day.

Bumi Sehat Fundaiser at Waterbom

Although to the best of my knowledge Waterbom does not yet offer a water-birthing experience amongst all of their aquatic attractions, this coming Sunday it will play host to a fund-raising event for Bumi Sehat and super midwife (and CNN galactic hero) Robin Lim. Looks like a fun way to support a good cause. Please see details in attached flyer.

Farewell, Pak Steve!

This week the Monkey Brotherhood (the surprisingly large cohort of GS male staffers born in the Year of the Monkey that fell between 1956 and 1980) is losing a good one. We’d like to thank Pak Steve for all of his great efforts this past year, which led to many advancements in the development of our curriculum and the hiring of our current wonderful group of teachers. Terima kasih banyak, Pak Steve, and wishing you all the best for your future endeavors!

Ibu Mona on Sustainability and Education

Dear Readers,

Last week Pak Matt organized a visit by Pak Ron to educate 2nd graders about snakes. That same day during our English proficiency lessons when children were learning to look for action words and use them into sentences, not surprisingly most children wrote sentences about snakes. What we see, hear and do, influences our life and work!

Here is a lovely poem on Garter snake written by a 13 year old girl in Seattle, USA.

Garter Snake
He is a rope of darkness
Against rain-streaked grass
Green scales the colour of ivy
Slither through my hands with unexpected life.Read more…

Our own weekly news

To submit your own news updates for inclusion, please send it to by 12 noon each Wednesday.We cannot always guarantee inclusion and we may have to delay for a week at times.

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